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25 June 2015

Holly, with her glasses off, had this magazine below pressed up to her face to read the tiny captions next to their heads.  Anya walks in, sees her, and says: "Mommy!  Stop looking at all those beautiful men!!!"

26 May 2015

Anya coins a new idiom last night when she refers to something as "straight as a nickel."  Feel free to incorporate this into your every day speech henceforth. 

12 October 2014

Holly likes to plan imaginary vacations that we would take if we ever had any money.  In bed last night, she was telling me about different cruises that depart from where we live.  She mentioned that one goes to the Bahamas but that she isn't interested in going to the Bahamas.  Anya, who was sleeping between us, sits up and says, "Wait...  Obama's will be on the boat and you don't want to go!?"

16 January 2014

Anya, wandering around the house yesterday, singing to herself the classic song "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off":

You say Snowman 
I say Butterfly 
You say Picture 
I say Banana 
Let's call the whole thing off!

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June 2015: Norfolk Harborfest, Beach, Mt. Trashmore, Sasha Class Field Day, Anya Class Party, Grandma & Grandpa Fisher Visit, Father's Day, Jungle Golf

May 2015: End of the School Year Fun, Comicon 2015, Uncle Fred & Aunt Peggy Visit, Nature Hike, Hair Coloring
May 2015: Washington DC

April 2015: Alan's Birthday, Arcade Day, Eagles!, STEM Night, Bike Day, Birthday Party, The Simpsons Lego House, Avengers IMAX Double Feature Sneak Preview

April 2015: Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman 
Visit & Easter

March 2015: Snowpacalypse, Snowmagheddon: Snow Mans Land, Pete Nelson: Lego Tree House Master, Battle of the Books: The Final Battle, New Pool at the new Rec Center, Sasha Re-Pixies her hair, Anya discovers Checkers

February 2015:  Comicon Nerd Garage Sale, Shake Buddies, Battle of the Books Preliminary Round, Super Citizen Anya, Sasha's Spirit Week,  Snow Country For Old Men (and the injury)

January 2015: Lost Teeth, Street Fighter, Lego Ghostbusters, Snow Play, Glowing Mini-Golf

Christmas: 2014

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