Sasha's "Before I Was Born" Journal

July Updates

7.21.4 The good news is we met with the pediatrician on Tuesday so now Sasha's Doctor is officially Dr. Kevorkian.  Hurray!  The bad news is that when we got the ultrasounds and had our weekly check-up on Wednesday the doctor found that Sasha hasn't even begun to drop into position to be born yet.  We were really hoping that she would come out some time next week but that looks less likely now.  So it may be two or even three more weeks instead of just one.  Holly's planning on doing some work on her pogo-stick to try and shake her out of there and I've been trying to coax her with lies about how we live in a toy factory made out of candy on a puppy farm.  She's not buying it.  

7.18.4 We have baby doctor appointments every week now as the big day approaches.  On Tuesday we'll be touring Sasha's new pediatrician's office.  I was actually able to convince Holly to let Sasha's pediatrician be Dr. Kevorkian!  No not that Dr. Kevorkian, but it's still pretty funny.  Then on Wednesday we will have what will probably be our last ultrasound!  We're super excited to see her again.  I'll try and get some screenshots from the doctor.  

I completed my infant/child CPR course and scored 100%.  I am now qualified to bring children back from the dead.  Now the only question is whether I will use this new power for good or evil.

Sasha's bedroom has been all decorated and ready for the last month or so.  (I'll post pictures of stuff some time this week if I have time.)  She has a nice crib with baby Snoopy sheets and a little pink dresser for all her baby clothes.  I put her car seats in the cars with the little rearview mirrors so we can peek at her while we're driving.  I set up her play yard that Beans calls her Baby-Shawshank Redemption.  I also put together her bouncer and stroller.  So now all we need is a baby.  

Holly's pretty much completely immobile at this point.  Her belly is huge and she can only stand for short periods of time.  She is ready to pop.  In addition to little pokes and jabs, you can now feel Sasha squirming around.  If you put your hand on Holly's stomach you can actually feel and see Sasha draw an arm or leg across and shift position.  It looks more and more like that scene in Alien.

The beginning of the due date window is just 12 days away now!  She's almost here!  Sasha is coming!

June Updates

Sasha's Baby Shower was celebrated up in Michigan on June 12th at the Fishers'.  Thanks to Mom and Dad Fisher for hosting that once in a lifetime event.  Holly and I can honestly say that it was the best baby shower we have ever attended!  : )

Holly and Sasha are both doing well and all baby checkups this month have been A-OK.  We are still expecting the arrival to be sometime between July 30th and August 3rd.  

I had some down-time at work before the party, so I set up the nursery here at the apartment.  With the addition of the gifts from the party and our weekly trips to buy all the other required gear, our apartment is really starting to look like a baby lives here.  Now all we need is the baby.  

We're pretty much done with all of our classes now but I don't really feel any more prepared than before.  I suppose it's not something you can really be ready for.  The last class I have this month is baby-CPR.  I will teach it to her soon after she's born in case I have a heart attack or something.  

Besides setting everything up and getting the house ready, there's not much more to do except wait.  I'm so excited I could burst!  It's really the only thought on my mind now, and as the time draws closer it is beginning to feel like every day is Christmas Eve.  I already know what I'm getting and now I just want to play with her.  

May Updates 

Well I think everybody knows the baby's name at this point so from here on out we will be calling her Sasha.  Sasha Kai Wiseman to be exact. 

Holly's baby shower will be next month on June 12th at her parent's house in Michigan.  She is registered at Babies-R-Us.  If you're planning to buy Sasha a gift you can go to the store and ask for the registry or look it up on the computer at  Just click on "Registry Search," put in the name: "Holly Wiseman" and the city: "Virginia Beach."  

Since we don't know anybody down here in Virginia we can use all the help we can get so even if you're not coming to the shower feel free to order something off the registry and have it shipped to us here in Virginia.  

All gifts will be greatly appreciated and will grant the sender instant membership in the Friends of Sasha Society.  Gold, Silver and Bronze memberships are available.  Feel free to compete amongst yourselves by gifting more and more to attain higher standing in the society.  


5.1.4 I was taunting the Sasha today with my face pressed up against Holly's tummy and she kicked me in the eye!  That was the first time I felt her move!

We started our baby classes this month.  The first classes so far have been the childbirth classes and the newborn parenting classes.  

The childbirth class tries to prepare you for the gory horror that is the miracle of birth.  Since most women are doped to the gills now a days during birth we're not learning all the breathing techniques they taught in the past.  Holly plans to take any and every anesthetic available so she'll probably be comfortably numb for most of the delivery.  

The newborn parenting class was fun.  We learned how to diaper babies and how to give them baths and stuff.  Also how to feed them.  Apparently babies are very demanding and insist on being fed, washed and changed constantly.  It's like they can't do anything for themselves!  All I've really learned is that babies are super lazy.

Holly's doing fine and so is Sasha.  Her May checkup went well.  She had a diabetes test done and went to one of the other doctors at the center.  There is a little group of doctors at the clinic and you're never really sure which one will be available when the baby is born so they try to have you meet with all of them during the course of the pregnancy.  

Holly feels Sasha moving all the time now and I can feel her too!  We talk, coax and poke to get her to move around.  She likes to squirm when Holly sits still and then seems to go to sleep when Holly moves around.  

April Updates

The April check-up went well with no new news to report.  The baby and Holly are doing fine.  

We went to a Open House for soon-to-be new parents at the hospital where they gave us a big tour and vendors gave us free samples of stuff.  The hospital, Chesapeake General, is nice but not as good as the Michigan hospitals we had grown accustomed to during previous births in the family.  

Holly has now outgrown all of her clothes and most of mine.  She started wearing my pants and shirts last month but her belly is too big for that now.  

Holly drove up to Michigan last week to visit with her family and collect the first round of used baby gear.  Thanks to everyone who contributed and keep looking for more stuff to loan/donate.  We need everything you can spare.  This was Holly's last solo trip for a while.  Pretty soon she will be too big to fit behind the wheel of the car.

Next month we start our baby classes at the hospital.  I think Holly signed us up for about 6 different classes.

Some people already know what we have decided to name the baby because we just told them or let her name slip during a conversation.  For those of you who don't know, here's another hint.  The baby's full name (first, middle, last) can be spelled using these letters:

"Asians Make A Wish"

March Updates

The baby is now 20 weeks old.  We saw her again yesterday.  She's so cute!  I love watching her.  She weighs 14 ounces and is 8-10 inches long.  

Everything is going fine.  She scores well in all developmental measurements.  The ultrasound revised her due date to July 30th (our anniversary) but the doctor says they will still keep the August 3rd date as the official expected birthday.  So now her certified debut will probably happen sometime between the July 30th and August 3rd.

Holly is doing well but is starting to slow down.  Her belly is popping out and obstructing some movements.  I will probably be tying her shoes for her in the next month or so.  The baby is sapping her precious energy like a little parasite so she has to eat and nap frequently to replenish her system.  

We sort of have a name picked out for her but we're not telling anyone yet.  Here's a hint:  The name can be spelled using letters that appear on this very page!

February Updates

No big news to report.  Holly's monthly check-up went well and I corrected our little "insurance problem" so everything is back on track.  

The Due Date is now locked in for August 3rd.  This means her Astro Sign will be Leo.  I don't know what that means but I'm sure some hippie or a fortune cookie will tell me what to expect.  

We'll be in Michigan for a visit in June.  Our primary goal will be to steal as much used baby stuff as possible from friends and relatives.  

I'm super excited.  I can't wait for her to get here.  Only 5 More months to go!

January Updates

On December 8th, 2003 Holly found out she was pregnant.  On December 10th she told me about it (after we had celebrated her birthday so she wouldn't get upstaged.)   

We hadn't really been trying to have a baby but we weren't really not trying either.  After the first ultrasounds we found that her due date will be some time around the beginning of August 2004.  

We had all the first trimester tests administered and everything seems to be going well.  It's a girl too!  Just like we always wanted!

We'll keep you apprised of any further developments over the next 20 years or so.