Sasha's New House!

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The Walk Thru Tour

OK, before you look at these pictures, understand that they are pictures of our new house but everything in the house belongs to the family that lives there now.   We're sorry to say that they have much, MUCH nicer decor and furnishings than we do.  So, we can only hope that one day our house will look as nice as theirs.

So you walk in the front door and to your left is the laundry room/closet
and behind the open door is the door to the 1/2 bath on the first floor

Laundry closet and under stair storage area.  I'm hoping I can fit my surf board in here.

If you turn to the right you go into the kitchen

There's a large dining area in the kitchen when you first enter the room

A view into the dining room from the kitchen and the coat closet that was back out in the main hall


Holly and Sasha check out the the dining room.  To the left of Holly is the door out to the back yard.


Into the living room from the dining room. 
The room will probably look much bigger when our puny TV and stupid little couch replaces th

From the living room or down the hall from the front door we come to the stairs


The stairs wrap around and reverse direction and the ceiling here goes all the way up to the second floor.

There's a an attic (with lots of space) and we now know that the ladder can support at least 200lbs.


The double door entrance into the master bedroom which wraps around into an L shape

The full bath in the master bedroom

Then back through the double doors out into the hall

To the left, the other full bath and linen closet

The purple room is the smallest bedroom and will soon be my computer room

The soothing lavender will calm me as I work at my stressful job


Then there's Sasha's room.  The Pink Room!

Sasha says the room will be fine as long as it comes with that cool balloon


Back down the stairs and that's it!  Holly and Sasha and Alan's new house.  Hurray!