Neptune Festival and Oceana Air Show 2003

Here's me at what's left of the Great Virginia Beach Fishing Pier.  The end of it was torn off by Hurricane Isabel a couple weeks earlier.  (The left side of the sign got blown off too.  Oh, the humanity!)

I thought my Aztec Temple to the Dolphin God Lord Flipper would win the sand sculpting contest for sure...

But some dirty rotten Italian kids made a better one.  (I think their dad "Fat Tony" might have greased the judges)

This is down by the surfing Jetty.  Instead of 100 yards out to sea where it usually floats, Hurricane Isabel decided that this buoy would look better right up on the beach.

I got a little too excited about going to the Air Show at Oceana Naval Air Base.  I didn't want to wait in line so I tried to climb a fence and sneak onto the base.  Apparently the security at U.S. Military bases has been tightened for some reason.  I still have that MP's boot mark on my back and a bruise under my eye where he smacked me to the ground with the butt of his M-16 Assault Rifle.  Nice guys though.

Here's the real reason that Blackhawk went Down.

The funny thing about this photo is that Holly was just taking a picture of me in front of this giant hangar and when we got it developed there was a Stealth Jet behind me!  We didn't even see it there!

As soon as I sprinted past the gate I claimed this one as mine! 

The President told me to watch his ride while he ran over to one of the port-a-potties and took a leak.

I always wanted to be a member of the Blue Angels Precision Flight Squad...and now, as far as you know, I am.