Charleston, SC 
May 7-10, 2004

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Of course the first thing I had to do was taste, what the locals call, "The Pride of Charleston" 

This was our round hotel.  The view from our room was awesome.  There was a cool restaurant at the top too but it didn't revolve.  You'll see more of the hotel in a minute.

These were taken in one of the many downtown city parks.  Pregnant Holly loves the Spanish Moss that hangs from the trees.  Every southern town has a legend about the moss.  In Charleston it's the beard of a pirate ghost.  Kind of like a Scooby Doo mystery.  Zoinks! 

Here's me hanging out in the same park and Holly waiting for our tour bus at the Visitor's Center.  Our scheduled bus actually broke down on the way to pick us up so we had to select another company at the last minute.

These four pictures show me in front of The Charleston Museum with a replica of the Civil War Submarine the H.L. Hunley.  It was the first sub in history to sink an enemy ship.  The other claim to fame for the Hunley is that it was lost for over 100 years until it was found by one of my favorite authors, Clive Cussler.

This is one of the many houses on the bus tour.  I don't remember what was significant about it but I'm pretty sure it played some historically important role during the Civil War.  Everything in Charleston did.

Here we are on the famous Battery overlooking historic Fort Sumter. 

Back at the Hotel the next morning, at about 6 a.m., somebody pulled the fire alarm and they evacuated the whole building.  At first we thought it was a clock radio alarm going off in the next room so we continued to sleep for another 30 minutes or so.  Finally we decided to investigate and I noticed that many of the guests were congregating down in the parking lot.  So pregnant Holly and I  walked down 10 flights of stairs to safety.  Unfortunately, it was just a false alarm. 

These are the three "post card" pictures that Holly took when we returned to The Battery the next morning.

This tree kind of looks like the one on the State flag (see top of page.)  The middle photo is as close as we got to the island of Fort Sumter.  The statue is to honor the Second South Carolina Regiment during the Revolutionary War, 1775 and the defenders of Fort Moultrie,1776.

The Battery park is surrounded by cool historic homes and displays cannons used during the war with the North -- those Yankee bastards!

Seizing the opportunity, Holly and I get into one of our now-typical cannon battles.

Holly, defeated, seems to have swallowed the cannon ball I shot at her.  I then called my mom to boast of my battle victory and wish her a Happy Mother's Day.

Folly Beach is one of the great surfing spots in South Carolina.  Unfortunately I didn't bring my deck and we only stopped for a minute to peek at the beach on our way out of town.

Finally, as we drove through Bugs Bunny's favorite East Coast resort town of Myrtle Beach, we ran across a few 100 thousand motorcyclists celebrating National Biker Week.  This is the second vacation where we have accidentally crossed their Easy Riding paths.  The last time was during Sturgis Biker Week out West in South Dakota during our Honeymoon.  I guess every 10 years we're going to have to spend part of our vacation hanging with the Harley folk.

The end of the trip was spent at Carolina Beach, NC click to continue.