The Bendera Howard Collection

The Chuck Wood Collection



Jef Till.  High School pal.  He always had better hair than me but we were friends anyway.


Jeff Glasscock.  My best friend in Lansing.  DJ, Simpson's fan, ex-video store employee.  He was also the DJ at my wedding and Chuck's wedding.

Monkeida Relerford.  Good friend and EDS Project Manager.  We had a lot of fun working together. 

Mike Coonan.  Movie pal, bar buddy, and recipient of the prestigious Friend of Alan Award.

John Jozwiak.  Master Guitar Technician Elderly Instruments MI.

Theresa and Corey.  Friends that we left behind in Lansing.

This is Scott.  We were friends around 8th and 9th grade.  He skated and hung out with me and Chuck.  

This was the last picture of Woody before he died.  Holly slept on the floor with him because he was sick.