Wiseman Family

Here's my brother after he won the $3500 pot in his first big poker tournament in 2005.

Here's a few pictures of the family taken before Holly and I moved to Virginia.




This is my brother Beans when he was a kid.


In High School he was the only guy that year who took an iguana to the prom!

My little sister-in-law Dawn.


Kickin back at the rich people's cemetery and playin in the leaves

Me and my Grandma at my cousin's wedding.

This is my family, my Aunt Barbara, my cousin Gale, and my best hair day ever in New York City.

My Jersey connection.  Aunt Barbara, Gale and Ben.

The Wiseguys dressed up for something.


It seems like all we ever did as kids was attend weddings

Dad cooked on the grill sometimes but it was mainly used for destroying evidence