Fisher Christmas 2003

Fisher Christmas 2003 was at the Rowland's this year.  Unfortunately it was still in the snow-splattered winter desolation of Michigan.

Holly and Madelyn stay close to the presents and count the ones with their names to determine how much they are loved.

Alan and Jeff pose with their love child and contemplate a move to Massachusetts.

In her posh little princess dress with stylish matching binkee, Anna looks on (appalled and disgusted) to see Sylvie arrive dressed as a Dickensian waif.  

The "older" girls, Madelyn and Tess, in the fashionable Elf garb that is all the rage this month.

How many sisters does it take to stir a pot of soup?

Grandpa tries to carry on a conversation with Tess as she spends a little quality time with her Nintendo Gameboy.

Anna unsuccessfully attempts to get away for a moment of quiet contemplation under the table.

In what is becoming an all too common conclusion to the holiday, Jeff descends into madness and attacks a giant cookie with a butcher knife.

Coming Soon:

The rest of the Christmas pictures!  As soon as we finish off that roll of film.