Stalking Celebrities

Here's the time I sat in for Letterman when I was visiting New York

Hosting Saturday Night Live with my brother

Marching with Reverend Jesse down to the capital.  (The guy in the tan hat right above Holly's head)

Good Times with J.J. (Jimmy Walker) in Vegas

Civil disobedience with Michael Moore

We had a bloody good time with Penn and Teller in Vegas

A constant nuisance in my life is Oscar winner Jon Voight 's desperate attempts to get me to marry his daughter

Pushing through the crowd of thousands to be a little closer to Huey Lewis

At my first They Might Be Giants show the unusually strict bouncers took my camera away right after I got this shot

In 1987 My friend, and future independent film maker, Alan Bernstein and I dragged our bored girlfriends to see Robocop in a live in-store appearance at our local Blockbuster.  Unfortunately, as he emerged from his fancy trailer, the guy in the Robo-suit was not the real actor Peter Weller and the suit was a flimsy plastic replica.  Apparently I was still excited enough to forget to ask Alan to take a picture of me with the Poser-Robocop.  

Here's a shot from one of the many All shows I went to as a teenager.


This is Erin Dilly.  I went to High School with her.  We were in West Side Story together.  She is a big deal stage actress / Tony Award Nominee now and also appeared on Law & OrderLaw and Order: Criminal Intent and some other TV showsShe is the only star I ever kissed!  Here's a link to her official website.