The Great Southern Vacation of 1998

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The following is the biggest most expensive vacation we were had.  We are literally still paying for it 13 years later.  
It is a cautionary tale of credit card debt gone wild. 

First stop Kentucky.

They have horses there you know.

Next stop Tennessee

Here we are at the World's Fair just like Bart Simpson in episode 20 of Season 7: Bart on the Road

Down through North Carolina.

A stop at one of the college towns where they send their children to the Animal Hospital for care.

French Broad Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Me and my old car on the Parkway

Way up in the mountains

Holly gets hot from all the hiking

The mountains just keep going and going...

Try and find me in these pictures!

Girl, we couldn't get much higher.

Up at the tippy top of North Carolina

Holly and Alan have a "John Denver" moment.


Scenic overlook

Overlooking the Scenery

This is one of my favorite pictures of Holly.

We spent a lot of time driving the mountains

And we found many patches of wildflowers

It's weird because I don't remember things well...

...but I do remember eating at this restaurant.

We saw some famous movie and TV cars like Herbie!

Here's the cabin we stayed at in the National Park.  They're a little run down, but at least they were swarming with spiders!

South Carolina welcomes us.

Then so did Savannah, Georgia.  This was one of the coolest hotels we ever stayed at.

These pictures are too dark...

...but look how awesome it is!

This is one of my favorite cities.

If I was forced to move from Virginia Beach, I would want to move to Savannah.

It's so pretty and lush and laid back.

I love the Spanish Moss that hangs from the trees

I love all the history.

Here's the house from Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil.

I could sit in these parks all day.


Here's Holly pretending to be the girl on the cover of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil

One of the old cemeteries

Back in South Carolina.  The fanciest hotel we ever stayed at.

The view from our room over Palmetto Dunes

The Palmetto is also a bug that is all over the place down here at night.  You may know it as a Cockroach.  And they are HUGE!

Room service.  (Still on our credit card 13 years later)

The pool and ocean

Playing in the waves

Getting some use of one of those old disposable waterproof cameras.

Lunch at the beachfront restaurant.

Alan on the balcony

More views from the balcony

At one of the restaurants in town?

Hiking down the beach

Another dinner date


Holly used to have whole bag full of bikinis

This is Holly and Alan at the height of their attractiveness.

These pool pictures were a an omen of my future hair loss.

Here's the store where I tried to trade Holly in for a new model.  Then I got stabbed to death by Poseidon.

Here we are slumming around on the yacht docks.

Nobody ever leaves the keys in these things!

Before a date night?

Goodbye South Carolina.  Hello Virginia!

Virginia beach to be exact.

We had a pretty high hotel room that year.  Look at that view!

Holly took a picture of me and then a picture of a much sexier guy sleeping on a nearby blanket.


This lifeguard let 6 people drown while he just stood there ogling Holly.

Boogie Boarding.  Weeeeeee!

Even Holly rides the waves.

Fun in the sun.

I weigh about 100lbs more than the guy in this picture.

Young and carefree in the waves

Holly used to play in the water too!

A photographer came by and took the "professional" vacation shots of us.

Unfortunately he wasn't professional enough to wait until these women behind us moved out of the shot.

Sunrise at the beach. 

Looks like a good day for Busch Gardens!

Breakfast in the park

Holly makes some wine then it's time for a boat ride.

Roller coasters, old timey swings.

The 4-D Pirate movie!

Riding in the cable cars.  The lazy way to get around the park.

At the Jack Hanna Animal Adventure

Baby Goats!

Soaked from the water-ride.  Outside my old favorite Seafood Buffet (Before I discovered Captain Georges).

One last look from the balcony.

One last walk down the boardwalk

One last peek at the surfers

One more nap in our comfy hotel bed at the beach.

Good Bye Virginia Beach.  Hopefully we'll be back soon!

On the way home.

Hello Woody & Mishka!  Did you miss us?

We end our trip $1000's of dollars later at the drugstore, spending another $100 or so to get these photos you just saw developed.  Hope you liked them!

It was an awesome trip!


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