1997 PH Hoeft Camping and Vacation in Virginia Beach

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My old car, my old hair and Woody!

Upper Michigan

There's our old canvas tent!  For you kids, canvas was a heavy durable cloth made of cotton, hemp, or jute,

We even had a dining fly.  I wonder what happened to that?

Looking sexy under a tree at the public park.

Apparently we didn't wear shirts that summer.

Camping all done


A quick stop on the way down South.

Back when you had to drive like 3 or 4 whole blocks to find a Starbucks.

Back in our favorite vacation spot

Hitting some tourist museums

Nauticus is the naval museum.

Spending time on the balcony.

Visit to the Virginia aquarium

Look at the cute stuff we did

The fun continues!


The beach!

Our favorite beach!

Our favorite hotel:  Newcastle

Alan dreams of surfing one day

That'll be me I would think

On the boardwalk


A day at the beach and a night on the town

We used to eat here once every trip.  The old ladies who worked their called me "sweetie"

This was a really cool bar where we would see bands like Rumblefish!

Some of the goofy stuff on the boardwalk

Holly on the balcony

We loved this view

It was mesmerizing

We loved it here.

Another day

Another morning

Another day at the beach

Alan gets in some boogie boarding

The beach is fun

We would sit out here all day

getting tan


and looking cool.

More boarding

Zero's used to be a great vacation treat.

Time to say goodbye

A stop in my least favorite town on the way home.  Stupid Winchester.


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