Sasha's Movie Reviews Archive  

Note: From now on all reviews below here are dictated to me by Sasha.  
I type exactly what she says word for word.  No editing.

They goed flying in space and I had popcorn and drinks.  It was funny and it's Space Chimps.  There were girl monkeys and boy monkeys.  They go in the wormhole and they go to a planet and then they go back home.  I liked it because it was funny.  I went to go see it with Mommy.

I goed to see this movie with Mamma and Grandma and I had drinks and popcorn.  It was about singing and they did dancing.  The big girl got married to anybody and then she goed back home.  

I gotted a Wall-E watch.  I went to go see it with MaKenzie and Michelle and Mr. Bill and Mama and Dada.  He shoots everything and they be in love.  Wall-E and Eva are in love with they fly together with the fire engine thing.  And I had fruit treats.  He lived on a trashy planet in his machine.  There were spaceships where all the families lived and there's babies there.  I loved it because it was so funny.

I watched it and the funniest part was when he hitted him and said "ahhhhhhhhhh!"  And something happened and they just like...I don't know what it did.  I don't know what happened.  At the end they all got went home.  At the end we goed home too.

I don't remember this one good either.  I liked it.

I don't remember that movie.  I don't remember that one and I had popcorn and drink and treats too.  And Goldfish.  I thought I was going to have goldfish but I didn't.  Actually I did.

Alvin and the Chipmunks was funny I like when the say Chicka Chicka Wow Wow and then they throw a pen at him.  And I like the end when they have pop and dinner and steve has dinner at the girlfriend and the guy at the chipmunks has pop at the dinner.  I likened that movie and I had punch and popcorn drink treats.

The mean witch and dragon at the end and the princess married the prince or something and I think the princess lived at home with the boy in the poster.  Mommy bought me punch and popcorn and a treat and she took me to the movie.  I want to do the letters Daddy (she's talking about wanting to type the review here), that's not fair!  And maybe Mommy got punch for me or something and we watched it.

I ate popcorn and I drinked punch and I wore a costume and it was a bee movie.  I liked the part when he said "Help Me!!!!!"  I don't know what else I liked.  I liked Bee Movie and the funniest part is like flying or something.


Note: From now on all reviews above here are dictated to me by Sasha.  I type exactly what she says.  No editing.

I've been watching The Simpsons with Mommy and Daddy for my whole life.  You can imagine how excited I was, when after 3 whole years, they finally made a Simpson's movie!  It was soooo awesome.  My favorite part was Spider Pig.  That was super funny.  Me and Daddy sing the Spider Pig song all the time now.  
I wanted to go see it again the next day but Daddy said I had to go to school.  Hopefully I will get to see it again really soon because I loved it.  
The Simpsons are super-cool!

(Daddy took me to see it again 6 days later.  Daddy is super-cool too!)

This movie is about a big mouse that they call a rat, who cooks yummy food in a city somewhere.  His family is mean to him so he runs away and makes friends with a boy and they cook together while the mouse hides in his hat.  That's the gist of it as far as I can tell.  It was a great movie but it was kinda long and we went to see it at night so I got sleepy while I was watching it.  When Daddy gets it for me on DVD I can watch it again when I'm not so sleepy.

I went to see this penguin movie with Grandma & Grandpa Fisher.  They bought me popcorn and candy and it was fun.  The movie really represented a synergy of two things that I love:  Penguins and surfing.  Maybe they'll make a movie some day that combines some other things I like.  I can't wait to see the "Candy and Doughnuts" movie.  Or maybe the "Playground and Bubbles" movie!  
Those movies sound awesome!

Mommy & Daddy took me too see Shrek 3 today.  It seems like I haven't been to the movies in forever.  This was my only second time seeing a movie in a real movie theater.  Shrek is an o-grrr.  I don't know what that means but I think it has to do with being green.  There were a lot of animals in the movie like a talking kitty and a donkey and they were funny.  It had princesses in it too and that was cool because I really like princesses.  I liked the movie because it was big on the movie screen and I got my own popcorn this time!  I shared it with Mommy.  Shrek is good.  I will make Daddy buy it for me on DVD one day.

Daddy took me to the Cinema Cafe to see this movie before Christmas.  I liked it very much.   It had mice in it and I like mice like Mickey.  Mickey is a mouse so that was a good part of the movie even though Mickey Mouse isn't in the movie I still liked it.  So in the movie this mouse gets flushed down a potty and then he has to live in the sewer with other mouses and frogs and slugs and stuff.  And they have a boat.  And in the end they are happy and I was happy and I got to eat nachos again which also makes me happy.  

Mommy & Daddy took me to see another movie today!  But today was different.  We went to this place called a moovie theater where there were like a million other kids and the screen was much bigger and we got to sit in these big cushy chairs and I got a chair all to myself!  We saw a movie about penguins!  And there was this one penguin who could dance really good and the other penguins were mean to him except for the little ones he met on his adventures. So he made friends with the nice little penguins and they went far in the snow to a place and there were whales and seals but they were bad because they wanted to eat the penguins and I didn't want the penguins to get eaten.  Mommy & Daddy brought a big bag of treats and I got to eat candy and snacks for the whole movie.  I liked the penguin movie, it was good and the penguins were happy in the end because they could all dance.

Mommy & Daddy took me to the movies again and it was awesome!  This movie was about a raccoon that wanted a turtle and a squirrel and some other animals and a skunk and some baby porky pines to get food for themselves but it was really for a mean bear.  The bear was scary but the squirrel was funny and I liked the squirrel.  And the turtle kept falling out of his shell.  And there were songs that Mommy and Daddy liked that played while the animals did stuff and I got to eat Nachos and Popcorn!  In the end the raccoon got to be part of the animal family and that was good because he needed to be in a family like I'm in a family because people in a family love you and kiss you and you can be happy and eat popcorn.

I went to go see The Wild with Daddy a couple weeks ago and I didn't like it.  First of all it started off with a scary lion and some other animals that were scary.  Then a bunch of stuff started happening very quickly and there were a lot of other animals and I didn't know what they were and they were talking too fast and I just didn't understand what was going on.  Also when the lady brought me and Daddy our Nachos, the movie had already started and I couldn't really see the nachos even though I wanted to eat them.  So I got mad and grabbed the basket and tried to throw it across the room but Daddy caught it and made me go out to the lobby to "cool off."  Then we went back into the theatre and the animals were still talking too fast and I didn't really know what was going on and those stupid nachos were still on the table and they made me mad again so I started screaming and crying.  So we left and Daddy took me to McDonalds and bought me a Happy Meal and I was happy again.

Mommy & Daddy took me to see Curious George for my first movie.  I liked it cause George is a monkey and I like monkeys and I can make a sound like a monkey - Eeek Eeek Oook Ahhh Ahhh!  George is a good monkey but sometimes he gets into mischief like me.  George is a brown monkey and he likes bananas.  At the movie I ate nachos and some of Mommy's salad.  The movie was fun because it was on a big screen that's way bigger than our TV.  I like movies and I hope they will make more movies that I can go see with Mommy & Daddy.