Top 10 Favorite Films of 2008

Hello Everybody,

I stopped writing movie reviews a few years ago when I redirected my attention to "The Kids".  Since then I often get requests to start writing them again.  Apparently people still care what I think about movies.  So here's my Favorite Films list for the past year.  This year I'm actually ranking them in order of how much I loved them.  If you haven't seen these movies you can use this as a guide for renting films in 2009!  Enjoy the list!

Disclaimer:  I say this all the time but I just want to make sure everybody understands, this is my list of FAVORITE movies for the year.  It in no way represents what I believe were the best films released in 2008.  I do hope that The Dark Knight will win the Oscar for Best Picture though.  Wouldn't that be cool? 

The Dark Knight+

The Dark Knight.  They got that right.  This is the darkest, most noir, superhero film ever made.  Frank Miller's (Sin City) influences are all over this one.  I knew I was going to love this movie and for once, the critics are all on board as well.  The scores over on Metacritic are off the charts.  I can't believe how many 100's this film has received.  It deserves them for sure and this is in large part thanks to Heath Ledger.  Everything you've heard about his performance is true.  Remember Hannibal Lechter in The Silence of the Lambs?  It's that kind of "once every decade" performance.  He's so awesome here words can't even describe it.  Everyone in the movie is in top form.  This is the best movie of 2008, make no mistake, you must see this film. 

Iron Man +

Iron Man is the first blockbuster of Summer 2008.  I haven't decided yet if it is "The Best" or just "One of the Best" Superhero films EVER MADE.  It was so awesome!!!  DO NOT MISS this film at the theater.  Even if you don't know who Iron Man is.  But if you do it's even better (also if your a fan of the comic then definitely stay through the end credits for a awesome bonus scene.

Cloverfield +



This movie was as awesome as I expected it to be.  Angelina was screaming hot.  And the kid from Last King of Scotland did a good job in the Neo role.  Speaking of Neo, we can all agree that the lobby gunfight in The Matrix is one of the coolest action sequences ever filmed right?  Now we can add to that list the Textile Mill gunfight sequence in Wanted.  Yes... It's that good.  My only problem with this movie, if you could call it a problem, is that the training portion of the film is a little too long.  It would have been cooler to see him go on more assassination missions.  As it is, with the long training section, it's kind of like the "Rocky" of Assassin movies.

 The Incredible Hulk+

First I'll say that I'm a fan of ALL comic book movies and that I liked the first Hulk movie 5 years ago too.  This one is better though.  It's not a "Reboot."  It starts right where the last one left off.  The opening credits cover the whole "How he became the Hulk process."  I love Edward Norton and he is great as Banner.  This movie also has a lot more winks and nods to the TV show so that's fun.  It also has a little more humor.  And best of all, now that Marvel is producing the movies themselves the cross-over future is looking bright!  Keep an eye open for Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and references to SHIELD.  


Here's the thing about Hancock - It's new.  It's kind of a new superhero story too.  Sure there's been comics that have done the down and out, dirty and corrupted superhero, but we haven't really seen it yet in film (I'll pretend I didn't see My Super Ex Girlfriend.)  So that's the fun here.  It's something new and since it's not based on a comic, we don't know what to expect.  After seeing the previews, I thought I knew what to expect and now that I've seen it I was even more happy with the film than I anticipated.  It's funny and fun, just like a good Superhero movie should be.  The reviewers are being unusually harsh on this film, but don't believe them.  If you like Will Smith (like I do) and Superhero movies then you will like Hancock.  It's as easy as that.


Quarantine was a huge surprise for me.  I had read some reviews, or at least review blurbs, the weekend it came out and people seemed to not like it.  But now I've seen it and I can say it's a super fun scary good time that will probably make it to my Top 10 list of 2008.  It's got the shaky single camera caught on tape thing like Cloverfield.  And the zombies (they're not really zombies,  but lets just call them that since everything they do is zombi-ish) are very much like the awesome relentless sprinting crazy variety like the Dawn of the Dead remake and 28 Days Later.  I loved this movie and it scared me many times while I was watching it.  The scariest thing about it is it's plausibility.  Forget the reviews, this one is a must see in the theater.  Don't wait until the DVD comes out.  It needs to be seen on the big screen.

Quantum of Solace

I LOVE the new Bond movies.  Daniel Craig's Bond is so hardcore tough. I always loved Pierce Brosnan (I waited my whole life for him to become Bond, but Craig is a 1000 times better.)  A lot of the reviews for this movie have been complaining that he's too somber and angry.  I agree, but I love it.  This is the first Bond sequel, in that it starts right where the last one left off, and Bond is pissed off and just kicking ass and killing his way through the whole movie.  It was so awesome.  Can't wait for the next one.  

The Day the Earth Stood Still

I saw this movie before I left for Christmas and LOVED it.  I watched the original the week before this new one came out and it was fun to see what they kept and what they changed.  I was surprised there was so much backlash about this film.  Keanu is great as Klatu and the special effects are super cool.  Plus this was the first movie I saw on the new IMAX screen at my theater so that was a big bonus too!

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder was super funny.  There's some fake previews before the movie that are even funnier than the movie that follows but it's still a good film.  Robert Downey Jr. is awesome.  I can also see why the retarded people got upset and protested the film but it was still hilarious.  It's also kinda violent and super rated R, so that's cool too.