Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, The IMAX Experience

Regular Theatre


Here's a little visual aid for those of you who need a reason to go see Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones again.

When films are transferred to the IMAX format they sometimes cut scenes for some reason.  I noticed three scenes missing and one scene montage with a new sequence.

First cut:  Anakin's embarrassing observation that Amidala is "softer" than coarse sand.  He still talks about hating sand but he doesn't explain why she's the opposite of sand.

Second cut:  The scene where Palpatine tricks JarJar into leading the motion to give the Supreme Chancellor absolute power to wage war against the separatists.   By editing this scene they have inadvertently made JarJar a villain.  His motion leads to the creation of the Army of the Empire.  Way to go Binks!

Third cut:  The picnic scene with Anakin and Amadala riding those weird monsters.

Alternative scene sequence:  The Anakin / Amidala romance is cut into one big montage.  This is probably because the scenes that were mentioned above were removed.  This makes Anakin into something of a player!  He seduces and beds Amidala very quickly and with little effort.

There may be other scenes that were removed but these were the only ones I noticed.