Shanghai Knights (2003)


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Warning, minor plot points revealed!

I love Owen Wilson movies and I love Jackie Chan movies.  I think they're both hilarious actors and the Shanghai series feature great chemistry between the two.  Chan's goofy martial arts style mixes well with Wilson's innocent goofball banter.  For 107 minutes, me and a theatre full of 5th graders had a blast!

The Great Seal of China is stolen by British bad guys who kill it's keeper.  That keeper happens to be Chon Wang's (Jackie Chan) father.  Chon, now Sheriff of Carson City, Nevada receives a telegram with the bad news.  He sets off for New York to meet with his partner Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson).  The two must travel to England, and with the help of Chon's sexy sister Chon Lin (Fann Wong) recover the Seal and avenge their father.

The movie's plot is not really important though.  Shanghai Knights is basically just a series of rapid fire comedy/martial arts situations.  Along the way the two heroes cross paths with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jack the Ripper and Charlie Chaplin.  They goof with the guards at Buckingham Palace and have a big finale fight scene in and on Big Ben.  

The martial arts of Jackie Chan are still graceful and comedic but less frantic than in his younger years.  Instead of running and jumping all over the place like he used to, the action now comes to him.  It's a subtle change in fight choreography that allows Chan to do what he does best without getting too tired.

If you liked Shanghai Noon then you will like Shanghai Knights.  They took all the best elements of the first film, moved the location to London, and made a really fun and funny movie that is a kick above the original.