Resident Evil (2002)  


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Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Resident Evil is the kind of movie I like to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  Or any night of the week after 11pm when I'm too tired to think anymore.  It's like watching a really cool video game without all the work of actually playing it.

I loved this movie!  Based on the video game of the same name, it gives you all the zombie killing fun that I can only assume the game does (I've never played it but I've seen commercials for it on T.V.)  Plus, I love movies with a sexy female action hero, and even better when the movie begins and ends with said sexy hero running around naked!

In the secret underground lab of the Umbrella Corporation, illegal genetic and chemical weapons experiments are being conducted.  One of the experimental agents is released in the facility and the A.I. enhanced super-computer that monitors the lab decides that the only way to contain the "accident" is to lock down the building and terminate the hundreds of researchers who have been exposed.  The company then sends in a special forces team to disable the computer and discover the reason for the disaster.  Once inside the team discovers that the A.I. is in control, the researchers have all become flesh eating zombies and  the genetic experiments have broken out of their cages.  

Milla Jovovich, aka Leeloo from The Fifth Element, plays Alice, a special forces agent in a sexy evening gown with short term amnesia, who is found in the house above the lab complex and taken in with the team to secure the facility.  The only other actor of name is Michelle Rodriguez (Girl Fight, The Fast and the Furious) as one of the special forces soldiers.  Both women do a great job of running around blasting zombies and acting cool. 

The special effects are really good.  The zombies are your basic slow moving, ever advancing, impossible to kill without a head shot variety.  The mutated killer dogs are scary and look real, but the CGI genetic mutants are disappointing.  Kinda like the stone warriors from the based on a video game movie Tomb Raider.  The 3-D computer maps of the facility that pop up periodically to show you where the characters are is a neat effect as well. 

I was very pleased with this movie.  It was exactly what I expected it to be and the perfect waste of a Saturday afternoon.