The Queen of the Damned (2002)


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Embarrassing fact about Alan:  I love the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles.  It is my favorite book series ever.  I have read every book and I am always ready to devour the next one as soon as it pops out of her cookie cutter.  

That said, Queen of the Damned was my first favorite movie of 2002.  This sequel to 1994's Interview With a Vampire does not have the A-List cast of it's predecessor.   It also only vaguely follows the stories that make up the 2nd and 3rd books of The Vampire Chronicles.  Nevertheless, I loved it! 

Lestat, the vampire played by Tom Cruise in Interview, is now played by the much younger and sexier Stuart Townsend.  In fact almost all the characters in the movie are played by young actors, which is more accurate to the age of the characters in books.  The late singer Aaliyah Haughton, who died in a plane crash shortly after filming, does an excellent job as the sexy Queen of all the Vampires, Akasha.  

The story concerns Lestat's awakening to the end of the 20th Century and his desire to become a rock star.  His music, as it did in the past, awakens Akasha, The Queen, and first, of all vampires.  Time has given Akasha the super-powers of a God and she has decided to take the world.  She destroys any humans and/or vampires who get in her way. 

Much of the score and songs from the film are supplied by Jonathan Davis of the band Korn.   This is great music for a vampire movie and watching Lestat perform the songs is really fun.

The special effects are typical of most contemporary vampire films but the movie is not dependant on them anyway. 

If you're looking for a bunch of depressed, super-sexy, young vampires, then Queen of the Damned is the movie for you!