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Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Quick Review:  Before I saw this movie, I had no idea that there even was such a thing as Thai martial arts.  Muay Thai is ‘The science of 8 limbs’.  It includes moves with cool names like "Grounded Feet, Crocodile Tail, Elephant Face, Hanuman's Ring, Bolting Horse, The Ogre's Sword, The Fall of Hera, Soldiers Marching and Mad Elephant."  It is a super cool fighting style and I have never seen anything like it.  It might even be the best hand to hand fighting I have ever seen.  This kid, Tony Jaa, moves in ways you would not believe.  And none of it is fake (wire work, CGI, etc).  Not that I don't like fake.  The Matrix, Kill Bill and the Crouching Tiger, Hero and Flying Daggers all use wire work and enhancement effects but Ong Bak is like a old school Bruce Lee movie but ramped up 1000 times.  

The story, if you need to know, concerns the recovery of a sacred Buddha head from the bad guys who stole it from Ting's (Panom Yeerum aka. Tony Jaa) village. 

This movie probably isn't going to open in a theatre near you.  If it does and you're into martial arts films then go check it out.  Otherwise just wait and catch it on DVD.  But do see it.  It's a whole new film fighting experience and you're gonna love it!