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Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Ocean's 11 was a fun movie.  A cool remake with an all-star cast in a cool location, Vegas.  I had never seen the original film so I had no basis of comparison but I enjoyed the remake none the less.

Ocean's 12 on the other hand was no where near as hip or clever.  It has a neat location again, old Europe.  And the whole cool cast is back with the addition of Catherine Zeta-Jones, but the overall film is a little too insincere for my tastes.  It's not really a movie.  It's more like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Elliott Gould, Carl Reiner and Julia Roberts knocking around Europe with their pals and shooting a little spoof in between all the fun.  The only characters in the film that seem to be acting are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Vincent Cassel.

The first Ocean's 11 came very close to having the same problem but at least the characters were new and they took a little while to introduce each one and their eccentricities or criminal specialties.  And there was the big heist which was fun to watch.  In Ocean's 12 they never even really get to the heist.  The most fun thing to watch in this movie was Vincent Cassel doing and acrobatic leap past some security lasers and the preview before the movie started for the assassins in love movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith that will be coming out next year starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  Finally, the two most attractive people on the planet will be in the same film together!  Hurray!

The cinematography of the film by Chris Connier and director Steven Soderbergh is super-cool.  If you watch it as a purely visual experience it might be a better film.  

I also thought it was neat that they had Vincent Cassel as the master thief.  For those of you who don't know who he is he can be seen in great films such as Irréversible, Elizabeth and Le Pacte des loups.  He is also considered to be the "Brad Pitt" of Europe and is married to the second most beautiful person on earth, Monica Bellucci.

The actors, except those I mentioned who were actually acting, all do a terrible job.  They're all basically just playing themselves or phoning in their performance.  It's as if none of them really wants to be there.

One thing I was happy about was seeing that Julia Roberts is becoming more hideous.  I've never liked her and have never understood why America thinks she's attractive.  As her eyes sink back into her head and you see the reflection of what she will look like as an old woman seep into her features, perhaps the rest of the world will now see what I've seen all along.  Julia Roberts is ugly. 

I also though the little twist in the movie of her playing her character who then pretends to be Julia Roberts was just offensive.  I already commented on how all the other actors were basically just playing themselves and not really trying and then Julia Roberts takes this to it's limit be actually playing herself! 

In the end, I thought Ocean's 12 was boring.  It had some nice cinematography, a few cute jokes but it's not really worth watching again.  Check it out on DVD if you must but there's better stuff at the theatre right now.  Don't waste your time with this.