Ebert: Rolling Stone: TV Guide:1/2

Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Quick Review: I'm kind of late writing this review so I won't say much.  The Interpreter is a O.K. thriller with a few twists and turns that basically don't make up for the slow pacing and disappointing ending.  

Most of the film takes place inside the United Nations, where a US Secret Service agent is assigned to protect an interpreter who overhears an assassination plot.  

I've heard comparisons to Hitchcock bandied about in reference to this film and I am here to say that they are crazy.  This would be one of the worst Hitchcock films but for Sydney Pollack it's alright.  I don't really like his movies anyway, so it's no surprise this didn't thrill me either.

Nicole Kidman was fine as the interpreter and Sean Penn was also serviceable as the Secret Service agent.  Catherine Keener, who I think I have a bit of a crush on, was good in the small role as Penn's partner but didn't really have anything to do in the movie.

I don't know what else I can say about the movie.  It was neat to get to see the inside of the U.N. where it was filmed but that's the only thing I even remember about it.  Check it out on DVD if you're a fan of the actors but this is not one you need to catch at the theatre.