(2004) Alternate Title: Shi mian mai fu


Ebert: Rolling Stone:1/2 TV Guide:1/2 

Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Quick Review:  From the director of Hero and the producers of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon comes House of Flying Daggers.  These movies are beautiful and have the best, absolutely the best, martial arts action ever filmed.  Crouching Tiger probably had the best story.  Hero definitely had the best action and cinematography.  Now comes House of Flying Daggers which has great action and a good story but most important, a lead role for Ziyi Zhang (formerly known as Zhang Ziyi.)  She had the standout role in Crouching Tiger, and a small but good part in Hero, but here she finally gets to take center stage.  This is a fantastic action movie with enough story and romance to keep everyone entertained.  I loved this movie and I was glad that I was able to see it on the big screen.  This is a visual masterpiece and it will be diminished if you only see it on DVD.  If House of Flying Daggers is playing at a theatre near you then you would be wise to see it while you can.