Ebert: Rolling Stone: TV Guide:1/2

Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Quick Review: I normally wouldn't go see a movie like this at the theatre (it's more of a DVD rental-type) but I've heard a lot of positive buzz for it and Don Cheadle (who I've always liked since Boogie Nights) has been nominated for best actor.  I can say now after seeing it, that he totally deserves the nomination and if it wasn't for Jamie Foxx in Ray, then I would say that he totally deserves to win.  This is a fantastic performance in a great movie about a holocaust that we in The States are aware of but probably never really understood. 

Coming out now (with our wars in Iraq and elsewhere), the one lesson of this movie is that The United States definitely picks it's battles.  Despite massive genocide and the slaughter of innocents, the U.S. will not even stir when we have nothing to gain by our assistance.  We are hypocrites.