My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) 


Ebert: San Francisco Examiner: TV Guide:1/2

Warning, minor plot points revealed!

The reason My Big Fat Greek Wedding has become the sleeper hit of the year is because anyone who's ever been married can relate to it in some way.  Most of the problems encountered by every bride and groom are seen here in the context of a Greek to non-Greek wedding.  It's an often funny movie that will bring back memories of your own trip(s) down the aisle.

Greek thirty year old Toula Portokalos is working as a waitress at her parents Greek restaurant.  To her entire family's despair she is not dating and has no prospects of marrying.  She dreams of being more but is duty bound by her heritage and upbringing.  Then one day she meets Ian Miller.  Ian is not Greek.  They fall in love, decide to get married and they do.  The End.

Of course all kinds of funny things happen along the way.  What with those wacky Greeks and their traditions and all.  Toula's father, played by Michael Constantine is especially hilarious.  His insistence that Windex is the cure for everything is funny every time the joke is revisited.  His lectures on the Greek root of every word, including "Kimono", are also really amusing.  The rest of the family, and Ian's as well, are all humorous in their eccentricities.  

Toula's brother, played by Louis Mandylor,  is also really excellent.  I kind of wished that one of his menu designs would have been chosen at the end of the film just to give closure to his dream of becoming an artist.  And, of course, I squealed like a little girl when I saw that Toula's cousin was played by *NSync's Joey Fatone.  (I'm sure that's the real reason the movie has made over 148 million dollars over the last 25 weeks since it's release.)

As a comedy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, is pretty funny.  The universal truths of all weddings are brought to light and some of the funniest things will be the moments you'll recall from your own wedding on the drive home from the theatre.