Final Destination 2 (2003)


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Warning, major plot points revealed!

One day you will secretly (or if you're me, publicly) admit to yourself that the Final Destination movies are really fun and exciting/scary movies.  Especially if you watch them opening weekend with a theatre full of ready-to-be-scared teenagers.  The many horrific ways in which the invisible enemy of death dispatches each of the people in these movies is always creative, exciting and very, very unexpected.  That's really the entire value of Final Destination 2.  If you want to watch people get killed in terrible accidents when you, and they, least expect it, then this is the film for you!

Just like in the last film a group of people escape death because of warnings from a person who has a pre-cognition of the crime.  Death then attempts to balance the universe by increasing the likelihood that these people will die by way of ghastly "accidents."  Which they do.  In a twist, we also find out that the major car accident that was to take the lives of this group was actually "death" still trying to gain balance from the people who lived through all or most of the last movie.  You see, all of the people in this movie are still alive because they somehow crossed paths with the people who didn't die during the right time in the first movie. 

There are no big name actors in the movie so you are not distracted by anyone you know.  The only person of name would be the creepy mortician played by Tony Todd (aka The Candyman.)  

This movie is all about the accidents.  And the first big accident, that all the characters in the movie were supposed to die in, is probably the greatest car crash ever filmed.    It's so exciting and shocking and gory!  I'm already dying to watch it again on DVD.  The rest of the accidents are equally gory and fun but as with the first film, the the opening disaster is a true spectacle of misfortune.  Every thing happens in split second intervals and even when you're prepared, death never happens when you think it's coming.  

If watching people get killed in creatively appalling ways isn't your idea of fun then don't go see or rent this film.  Seriously, that's all there is to it.  But if you're sitting around on a Sunday afternoon wondering what it would look like if someone had one of those steel fire escape ladders slam down on their face,  then Final Destination 2 is where you wanna be. 

Here's an interesting side note, for those of you who have seen this film or the last Final Destination.  While Holly and I were watching the beginning of the movie, the screen began to grow darker and darker from bottom to top during the big exciting car accident.  I couldn't stand to miss this scene so we left the theatre to ask if we could move into another theatre that was going to show the same film 20 minutes later.  They couldn't start the film over so the manager said, OK and eventually everyone in our theatre moved to the new theatre to watch that performance instead.  After we were seated Holly mentioned that if something were to happen to the theatre we just left we would have all cheated death just like the characters in the movie.  Spooky huh?