Ebert:1/2 The New York Times:1/2 TV Guide:1/2

Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Quick Review:  I heard tons of bad reviews for this movie before I saw it but I assumed they were scoring it low because it was a spin off comic book movie that was only mediocre to begin with.  (Actually I liked Daredevil, but Ben Affleck just can't catch a break.)  Unfortunately the reviews were right.  This movie is just boring.  The story, which was probably interesting to begin with, has been edited down so severely that it leaves huge gaps of required information.  You have no idea why anyone in the movie is doing what they do.  Also for a comic action movie there is precious little action and the best action sequence in the film is sort of a lame rip off of a scene from the movie Hero which was 10, 000 times better than this.  The only reason I gave the film 2 stars is because Jennifer Garner is kind of hot (that gets the one star movie an extra star.)  I haven't been this disappointed in a comic film since I saw The Punisher.