Darkness Falls (2003) 


San Francisco Examiner: Rolling Stone: TV Guide:1/2

Warning, no plot!

First let's get one thing straight.  Darkness Falls is no where near as good as The Ring which came out last year.  It was about as good as Fear.com which I didn't see at the theatre but rented on video a few weeks ago.  I usually like this kind of movie but perhaps it was wrong of me to watch it back to back with the far superior Final Destination 2

Darkness Falls was very disappointing.  I'm glad we sneaked into the theatre and didn't actually pay for it.  It has a few scary moments but over all it is an amazingly sloppy film.  It barely makes sense and never really attempts to explain anything that happens.  Sure it's fun to see people get attacked in the dark by a scary witch-monster but at least tell me why she's doing it.  

The preface of the film quickly explains in about one minute that a nice old lady who lived in the town of Darkness Falls gave kids a coin when they brought her a lost tooth.  One day she was horribly scarred in a fire.  Sometime later 2 kids vanished and the old tooth fairy lady was blamed and burned at the stake as a witch or something.  She cursed the town and died.  The missing kids showed up the next day unharmed and never having been kidnapped.  The town hid the secret.  The end.   The story goes that she still takes the teeth but if a child peeks at her during her visitation they are killed.  The movie starts with one of these peeking children who actually escapes her murderous rampage.  He is called back to town, something like 14 years later, when his 5th grade girlfriend's little brother is being similarly tormented. 

The movie never explains anything beyond that.  Much of the town is killed as the Tooth Fairy attempts to kill the boy but we never really know what's going on or why.  The special effects are OK but not great and the PG-13 rating is only there because of "boo!" type scares that might upset really young children. 

I think this is the lowest score I've ever given a movie on my website.  I really hated it.