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Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Here's the thing about Chucky movies.  I like them.  Always have.  Watching Child's Play on video while sitting in a blanket and pillow fort in my college apartment is one of the first things my wife and I did together when we were dating.  

Under normal conditions I would say that Seed of Chucky was the best puppet movie of the year, but it was no where near as awesome as Team America: World Police so I will have to say it was the second best puppet film of the year.  

This is Child's Play number 5 in the series.  I remember the first two films well but I don't remember much about the third one.  I recall the forth one Bride of Chucky very well because it introduced Tiffany played by the super cool and super hot Jennifer Tilly.  And now this new film introduces a new character, the puppet spawn of Chucky and Tiffany, Glen or Glenda as played by Lord of the Ring's Pippin, I mean Billy Boyd.  

Glen or Glenda, his gender undetermined due to his lack of puppet genitals, escapes from his cruel British ventriloquist master and sneaks off to Hollywood to find his/her parents Chucky and Tiffany.  The Chucky and Tiffany dolls are filming a Chucky movie starring Jennifer Tilly called "Chucky Goes Psycho."  After Glen/ Glenda performs the incantation to resurrect Chucky and Tiffany the two embrace their son and despite a desire to stop their murderous ways continue to kill.  Tiffany is enamored with Jennifer Tilly who is trying to seduce Redman into giving her the part of the Virgin Mary in his new film.  This results in one of the great lines from the film when Jennifer's assistant admonishes her by saying, "You're prostituting yourself to play the Virgin Mary!"  Chucky and Tiffany want to create a new offspring as a friend for Glen/Glenda and they decide to use Jennifer as the surrogate.  This must be done through artificial insemination so we also get to see one of the first onscreen puppet masturbation sequences ever filmed.  After impregnating Jennifer, they decide that they will also transfer their souls into Redman and Jennifer so that they can be human again.  This of course gets fouled up because neither Chucky nor Tiffany can control their murderous impulses and no living person last very long around them.  

The special effects for Chucky have improved with the use of CGI.  The dolls look more lifelike and are more funny because of the wide range of expressions and movement that they are now able to perform.  The gore level is off the charts too, but always in a comedic way.  There's a gruesome beheading, a savage disembowelment and John Waters gets his face melted off with acid.  There's plenty more horrible murders but those are some of the more memorable ones.  

Make no mistake, Seed of Chucky is a comedy first and foremost and it is pretty funny.  While waiting on the set for her next scene Jennifer tilly laments "I'm an Oscar nominee, and now I'm f------ a puppet!"  She also makes fun of how everyone really only remembers her from her sexy turn with Gina Gershon in Bound.  When told she will be going to Hell for trying to seduce Redman to get the Virgin Mary part Tilly responds, "Hell would be ending up on Celebrity Fear Factor in a worm-eating contest with Anna Nicole Smith."  There's tons more funny lines in the film like, "They're executing Martha Stewart this morning"

The actor's are all funny.  Tilly is the "bust out" best but the voice actors for the puppets are great too!  Brad Dourif (Also from Lord of the Ring's, Grima Wormtongue) is back again as the voice of Chucky.  He has some great lines especially when he's trying to get Tiffany to let Glen/Glenda be a son instead of a daughter and when he takes his son out to learn the tricks of his murderous trade.  Billy Boyd is really funny as the gender confused Glen/Glenda (a nod to the world's worst director Ed Wood and his film of the same name.)  Rap start Redman is OK.  His acting skills are weak and I'm surprised at the large amount of acting jobs he's received over the last few years.  He must have a great agent.  Jennifer Tilly, as said, does a great job mocking herself as both Herself and Chucky's bride Tiffany.  And finally, in a rare acting appearance, famous cult director John Waters has a hilarious turn as a Hollywood paparazzi who while watching Chucky masturbate upstairs in Jennifer's bathroom and Tiffany spy on the seduction of Redman by Jennifer on the couch in the living room, comments on the midgets he thinks he's watching, "Oh, God bless the little people! "

Is Seed of Chucky worth seeing in the theater?  Definitely not.  There's tons of better stuff out to watch right now.  Is it worth renting?  Again, not really, unless you're a fan of the series.  If you are a fan, it's a must rent, but I know there are not many people who are still fans and fewer still who would admit it if they are.  So for all you closet Chucky fans out there, there's another Chucky tale to be seen and enjoyed, for the rest of you go see something far more worth while like The Incredibles