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Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Quick Review: Every year, at least one film tricks me into thinking it's gonna be better than it is.  This usually happens early in the year.  In 2004 it was Envy.  In 2003 it was Darkness Falls.  In 2002 it was The Time MachineGod, I hated those movies.  This years first candidate for most hated movie goes to Boogeyman.  I knew going into it that everyone hated it.   Reviewers as well as regular people who wrote into the newspaper warning against going to see it.  But they said the same things about The Grudge and I loved that movie. 

Boogeyman is a horror film with no real horror and that's it's greatest weakness.  When you finally see the titular monster at the very end of the film it is represented with a weak special effect that looks like something from a Scooby Doo movie.  

I'm not even going to continue writing about this one.  Don't waste you time watching it, even if it shows up on TV for free some night on the USA Network.