Blade 2 (2002)


Ebert:1/2 San Francisco Examiner: TV Guide:

Warning, minor plot points revealed!

Blade 2 is the perfect Alan movie.  My second favorite movie of the year so far.  It has almost every element I like to see in a film.  It's a sexy-scary-cool vampire movie.  It's a non-stop over-the-top kung-fu bullet-flying sword-fighting action movie.   And, most remarkable for today's conservative standards,  it's a shockingly gory movie.  

Wesley Snipes returns as Blade, the half vampire, half  human, vampire hunter.  The movie begins with Blade's search for Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) who we all assumed died at the end of the first Blade movie.  Instead we find out that Whistler was "turned" before he died and now Blade must find and destroy his old friend and mentor.  Basically, this is just a plot device to get Kristofferson back into the sequel.  It's not important to the story which really doesn't start until after he is found.  

To quickly summarize the plot; Something is killing and feeding on  vampires.  The Vampire Nation summons their nemesis Blade to lead the Vampire Special Forces team (that was assembled to hunt and kill him) against the new threat.  If I say any more I'll blow some of the surprises.  

Wesley Snipes is excellent as always.  The girl in this movie, played by Leonor Varela is sexy but I would have liked to see N'Bushe Wright return for the second film.  However, she's like a vampire Trinity* so I liked her.  Ron Pearlman, reprising his character from Alien Resurrection, was also good as the brute force of the Special Forces team.

The fight scenes and special effects in this movie are on a much higher order than the first film.  There was at least 3 times during the action sequences that I wanted to stand up and cheer.  It's that cool! 

Finally, I have to give this movie the highest possible score because I went into it with very high expectations and I was still blown away.   The first Blade was great, but this one is very close to perfect.

*Trinity - Carrie Ann Moss Character in The Matrix