Apollo 13  The IMAX Experience  

Alan: Apollo 13 (Standard Format)

Alan: Apollo 13 The IMAX Experience 

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Anything IMAX is cool, but now that I live near an IMAX theatre I finally get to see regular Hollywood movies in a whole new huge way!  Here's the description from the Virginia Air & Space Center:

What do you get when you combine the incredible talents of filmmaker Ron Howard and actor Tom Hanks, with one of the most compelling chapters in the history of space exploration, and splash it all on the five-story high IMAX screen? The Academy Award-winning blockbuster film, Apollo 13, digitally re-mastered from the 35mm format and currently making motion picture history at the Riverside IMAX Theater at the Virginia Air & Space Center.

Apollo 13 is a good movie.  I rushed out to see it at the theatre back in 1995 just like everybody else.  I'm sure I rented it on video and watched it on regular TV a couple times as well.  However, it's never been a favorite.  The reason for this is probably because it's a very real, and I assume accurate, portrayal of an actual historical event.  The suspense of the whole situation is somewhat ruined by the fact that you know what's going to happen.  

If you haven't seen the movie, it's Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell's first-hand account of the ill-fated lunar mission. Early in the mission, a routine procedure of stirring an oxygen tank causes an explosion leaving the crew with a dwindling oxygen supply and failing power.  

The special effects are first rate and I remember reading that many scenes of the astronauts in space were actually filmed on a flying set plummeting to the earth in a plane to create weightlessness.  That alone makes it a cool movie.

Tom Hanks is great as usual.  I always like Gary Sinise.  The rest of the cast including Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris, and Kathleen Quinlan do a fine job as well.  The film received 7 Academy Award Nominations.

Seeing it on the IMAX screen was really fun.  I think it's the first IMAX movie I've ever seen that wasn't made for that format.  So I suppose this finally proves that bigger is better.