Step Into Liquid (2002)

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Dana Brown, son of Endless Summer and Endless Summer II director Bruce Brown, has taken his father's surf documentary to the next level.  The film features a global view of surfing as well as it's competitors and enthusiasts.  We see The Malloy brothers and their seemingly insane surf adventures off the coast of Ireland.  Quadriplegic surfer Jesse Billauer, who has returned to the waves after a surfing accident, now rides on a special modified body board.  Dale Webster is a school janitor who decided over 25 years ago that he would surf every single day of his life - and has thus far not missed a single day.  We get to see some of the next generation of extreme surfer girls like Rochelle Ballard and Layne Beachley who ride Pipeline in Hawaii (quite possibly the most dangerous wave in the world.)  A father and son's quest for a ride-able wave in Vietnam.  Other surf masters like six-time world champion Kelly Slater, Robert "Wingnut" Weaver, Dave Kalama, and veteran Rabbit Kekai all chime in with their praise for the wave.  Also seen is the obscure Great Lakes surf culture of Sheboygan, Wisconsin and a really neat spot that shows Texas boarders riding the wake of supertankers in the Galveston Shipping Lane for miles, literally.  And in the finale we get to see the Superman of Surf Laird Hamilton.  Dana takes Laird and some of the other experienced tow-surfers (surfers who ride wave so big that they have to be towed into them with jet ski's and rescued immediately after the ride) 100 miles out to sea to ride 60-70 foot walls of water.  This footage is so scary and insane you have to keep reminding yourself that it's not some sort of special effect.

DVD Features:

* Disc 1:
* Dana Brown intro
* Extensive deleted scenes/outtakes
* Surf lessons with Wingnut and Maureen Drummy
* Making of a surfboard with Robert and Sam August
* Surfline feature: "The Bill of Rights and Lefts... Te Final Word on Surfing Etiquette"
* "Capturing the Wave" featurette
* Multiple interviews and commentaries with the surfers and filmmakers
* Music video montage
* Preview of disc 2 special features
* Disc 2 (DVD-ROM):
* Complete video game of Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer
* Step into Liquid high-definition: the complete theatrical version of the film playable on your PC in Microsoft Windows Media High-Definition Video (System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or XP Media Center Edition 2003, Window Media Player 9 Series, Intel P4 2.4 GHz Processor or equivalent, 256 MB of RAM, 64 MB video card, DVD-ROM Drive, 1024 X 768 Screen Resolution, 16-Bit Sound Card, Speakers, Internet Connection, and 520 MB Hard Drive Space)
* Robert August Surfboard Outfitter: interactive surfboard-customizing feature
* Additional Surfline features: surf glossary: essential surfing terms, surf cams
* Stunning 3-D fly-through satellite imagery tour of surf locations featured in the film provided by Keyhole
* Widescreen anamorphic format
* Number of discs: 2