Spawn: Complete Animated Series (1997-99)

Al Simmons was a government assassin before he was burned to death and sent to hell. After making a particularly bad deal with the devil--to lead Satan's dark armies in exchange for seeing his wife again--Spawn is let loose upon the world. He immediately whacks three mob hit men, making his presence known and getting himself into all sorts of trouble. Spawn is also visited by the Clown, an obese, disgusting Beatrice, guiding our third-degree-burned Dante through this hellish, topside world. 

Spawn 2
Murder victim Al Simmons has returned from hell to earth as a "hellspawn," a soldier for the army of darkness sent to collect more souls for hell. In these episodes, Spawn meets the man who assassinated him and becomes suspicious of the organization that ordered him killed. Jason Wynn, the leader of the group, plans to sell weapons of mass destruction stolen from the military. Spawn's former wife, Wanda, has since remarried Terry Fitzgerald, with whom Spawn must reconcile. Terry is hot on the trail of the missing arms, and Wynn and his assassins, including the highly trained Merrick, set out to kill Terry, Wanda, and their daughter, Cyan. Spawn foils the plot while realizing the hard truth that Wanda has a new life.

Spawn 3: The Ultimate Battle
Spawn has reached a crossroads, and he must choose between the forces of darkness and light. But it's not clear-cut: Al (Spawn) must deliberate over the seemingly minor differences that separate heaven and hell in his world. As a former assassin for the NSA, he "opened the eyes of hell" with his iniquitous deeds of depravity; therefore, his journey to hell was preordained. 

Edition Details:
Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
Color, Dolby, Animated, Box set
Includes all 3 seasons of HBO's animated series Todd McFarlane's Spawn--Spawn, Spawn 2 and Spawn 3: The Ultimate Battle
Bonus DVD-ROM disc including an exclusive interview with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, In the Mind of Todd McFarlane" featurette, Storyboard Gallery, Web Links
Number of discs: 4