The Simpsons: First Season (1988)

America's first family of dysfunction, the Simpsons, appear in all their depraved glory in this wonderful DVD compilation of their show's premiere season. Fans accustomed to the slick appearance of the later episodes will be delighted by the rougher nature of these earlier episodes, when the characters weren't as well defined (Homer isn't quite as dumb as he is in later seasons) and the animation was still evolving. This only adds to the charm of these 13 episodes, which begin with "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," the December 1989 Christmas special in which a down-and-out Simpson family adopt Santa's Little Helper. Throughout the season, familiar faces are introduced, as we catch first glimpses of Smithers, Mr. Burns, the Flanders', and Patty and Selma. Highlights of the season include "The Crepes of Wrath," in which Bart is sent to France as an exchange student; "Bart the Genius," in which Bart ends up in a school for the gifted; and "Krusty Gets Busted," in which Bart's lifelong animosity with Sideshow Bob begins.

Edition Details:
Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
Color, Animated, Box set, Dolby
Disc 1:
Commentaries on each episode
Bart the Genius: Original Script
Bart the General: Original Script
Moaning Lisa: Original Script
Disc 2:
Commentaries on each episode
Disc 3:
Some Enchanted: Original Script
Unaired Episode with Optional Commentary
Animatic: Bart the General w/Commentary, Albert Brooks
America's First Family BBC Special
Bart T-shirt Controversy ABC News
Tracy Ulman: Good Night Simpsons
Foreign Language Clips (7)
Early Sketches (Still Gallery-100)
12 stills and magazine covers
Full-screen format
Number of discs: 3