Get A Life Vol. 2 (1990)

Surreal, twisted, gratuitously violent and hilariously funny, Get A Life is the ultimate anti-sitcom. Chris Peterson has an ever decreasing grip on reality. This weird, wonderful cult hit was hailed “One of the ten best shows on television” by Entertainment Weekly and The Washington Post. And the San Francisco Examiner actually calls it “The most American show on television – a comedy about the assassin next door.” 

DVD Features:


Zoo Animals On Wheels
Chris auditions for the local community musical by lamely dancing to a rousing version of "Alley Cat." Amazingly, he wins the starring role of the sad wildebeest-much to the leading lady Sharon's disgust. After a long, grueling rehearsal the theater group manages to put on a play that is so sickenly awful that Chris's parents walk out and violent fights erupt between the remaining audience of "actors."

Chris meets a gorgeous model, falls in love, gets married, drifts apart, has an affair, gets caught, seeks couples counseling, gets divorced and begins dating someone new - all during the course of one day.

The Big City
Chris finally takes his first trip through the giant double doors of the big city where he is promptly slipped a mickey. When he wakes, his wallet is gone. A beautiful reporter looking for a story puts the innocent idiot on the front page, and the entire town take "Wallet Boy" into their hearts. When they find out he left his wallet at home, the town tries to kill him.

Neptune 2000
When a two-man submarine that Chris ordered from a comic book twenty years ago finally arrives, he talks his dad into spending some quality time together.  They climb inside to take it for a test run in Chris' bathtub and become hopelessly trapped under two feet of water.