Get a Life - Vol. 1 (1990) 

Surreal, twisted, gratuitously violent and hilariously funny, Get A Life is the ultimate anti-sitcom. Chris Peterson has an ever decreasing grip on reality. This weird, wonderful cult hit was hailed “One of the ten best shows on television” by Entertainment Weekly and The Washington Post. And the San Francisco Examiner actually calls it “The most American show on television – a comedy about the assassin next door.” 

DVD Features:


Prettiest Week Of My Life
Realizing he is in the prettiest years of his life, Chris enrolls in the Handsome Boy Modeling School. Unfortunately, while training to strut the runways of the world, he falls into a fierce, face-slapping rivalry with another male model – the infamous Sapphire. Chris also gets a traumatic taste of the seedy side of the business when he is forced to model topless.

Bored Straight
After stumbling into the bad part of town, Chris is punched in the stomach by a gang of young toughs. He vows to rehabilitate them with his own special blend of disturbing role-playing sessions and a trip to a local supermarket. The gangs’ reaction to this “therapy" is to tie up and rob Chris’ parents. To get back their belongings, Chris submits to a grueling gang initiation that includes jumping off a 30-story building, setting himself on fire and bobbing for apples in a pot of boiling toxic waste.

Spewey And Me
When a spaceship crashes in his yard, Chris believes he has discovered an advanced super being that has come to teach us all about love. What he has actually found is an angry, vile, reeking pus bag that projectile spews on everything in sight and even beats the crap out of the Pope. Still, Chris loves his alien and does everything he can to keep him out of the hands of the government and his landlord, Gus, who wants to sell Spewey to the circus.

Girlfriend 2000
After Chris is run over by the same car twice in five minutes, he realizes its driver, Tricia, is the girl of his dreams. At this point he does what any lovestruck person would do – he relentlessly stalks Tricia day and night, gluing his head to her shoe, showing up inside her oven, and generally making her life a living hell. At the same time, Chris finds himself being stalked by another girl, Evelyn, who, unfortunately, stalks Chris to death just as Tricia is starting to kind of like him.