A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) 

One thing you need to know about me before you read this review is that, as far as I'm concerned, Steven Spielberg can do no wrong.  That said....A.I. is a really really really great movie.  

Before his death, Stanley Kubrick gave custody of A.I. including scripts, notes and storyboards to Spielberg.  The film styles of Kubrick and Spielberg are vastly different and it's that "oil and water"  combination that makes this film a success.   Kubrick's darkness is tempered by Spielberg's P.G. sensibilities.  

The story, based on the short Supertoys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss, is basically Pinocchio as an android.  Haley Joel Osment plays David, the little boy android designed to love.  After their son is injured and placed in stasis for a number of years, a couple adopts David.  The mother then allows the android to imprint on her and become a replacement for her lost child.  Soon after, her real son is cured and returns home.  David is unceremoniously dumped in the woods and abandoned.  He then begins his quest to win back his mother's love by becoming a real boy.  On the way he teams up with Jude Law as Gigolo Joe.  A pleasure android on the run from the authorities.  

Haley Joel Osment may very well be an android in real life.  His acting skills are so incredible he becomes a distraction in any film that he makes.  At 12 years of age he is easily one of the best actors in the world right now.  Jude Law never disappoints either and his Gigolo Joe is a very entertaining character.  

Obviously, the special effects in this movie are the best Spielberg has to offer and therefore the best that technology is able to produce at this time.  I could watch this movie with the sound off and still enjoy it immensely.  It is visually stunning from beginning to end.  

Critical reaction to the film was mixed.  Some saw it as watered down Kubrick, others as risquι Spielberg.  I never let negative reviews influence my movie choices.  In this instance I can safely say that I am right and everybody else is wrong.  So there!


Edition Details:
• Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
• Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby, DTS Surround Sound
• Production notes
• Theatrical trailer(s)
• Over 100 minutes of behind-the-scene footage, new interviews, and featurettes
• Spielberg talks about developing the vision of A.I.
• Lucasfilm's Industrial Light and Magic group on the film's special effects
• Stan Winston explains how the robots were brought to life
• Featurette on the sound effects and orchestral score for the film
• Storyboard sequences
• Effects portfolio
• Portrait gallery
• Behind-the-scenes photos with Steven Spielberg
• Production design photos
• Widescreen anamorphic format
• Number of discs: 2