September 2018: Neighborhood Ducks, "Hurricane" Florence, Airshow, School Picnic, Alan in Atlantic City, Neptune Festival Art Show

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Anya's duck friends 

She walks over to the lake by our house to feed them 

One of the great new places in our new neighborhood 


Anya will return ducks!

Scary house spider and my super-fun new toy

Fall day at the ocean 

Anya gets in some boogie boarding

Nice view of the surf


Back at home making pancake cats and Sasha working on her art for the Neptune Festival


First Day of High School, last year of Elementary School 


Death Metal Lemonade Stand 

Professor Cupcake mentally prepares for the hurricane

The forecast looks bleak 


We have prepared and Anya has started to go crazy with all the hurricane days off from school 


Storm Video

The kids get in one last bike ride before the maelstrom begins.  The storm ended up missing us completely.


Anya playing in Sasha's room


Our second attempt at trail biking 

When we went at the beginning of summer we were bit by several horseflies.  This time was fly-free!

Anya on her first field trip of the year

The airshow at Oceana Naval Airbase

Holly and Anya super excited for the airshow


Just kidding.  They actually don't like the airshow at all 

But it was still early in the day

And there were balloons

But then the noise

the noise, noise, noise, noise

Then the heat

the sweltering airshow runway heat

Exhausted.  Hurray for the end of the airshow! 

At the park for a picnic with Sasha's new school 

Frisbee with Anya


Holly makes a catch! 


The haunted dollhouse in our back yard gets a proper light 

Alan goes to Atlantic City

I have never been there before 

Driving in and arriving at the neat old hotel that Holly booked for me


The view from my room, after I had them move me to something higher and nicer


The view from inside the room


My bed and I


Walking toward the boardwalk


Back towards my hotel

The Atlantic City Boardwalk

 The kids will like this place

Hard Rock Hotel.  Should I go see Christina Aguilera tonight?

Or just eat all these deserts? 


Over at Caesars Palace 

I'll eat dinner here

The most amazing Lobster Mac N Cheese I've ever had

 Winning some slots

The view from the rooftop bar at my hotel


Good night Atlantic City! 


Good morning Atlantic City!

Time to leave, also the hotel is on fire (alarms were blaring when I left, and fire trucks were arriving on the scene.)  I didn't see this place last night, maybe they have a breakfast buffet?


Arriving at the ferry 

This was really fun

Ferry Video 1


and even though it took a long time 

They had giant pretzels

And it ended up reducing my drive by an hour or so 

Ferry Video 2

On the way home I had wanted to stop at this clam shack that I really like on the Eastern shore 


But then I somehow missed it when I was driving


When I got home I stopped at the store and bought some frozen stuffed clams to make up for it.

 Pulling into shore on the ferry

Ferry Video 3

Heading off to home


Dawn at the Neptune Festival

Sasha's school was one of the schools displaying at the student art show


They took home several awards! 


Sasha's window painting

More of the kids art

There was some really good stuff


Portrait of the artist

While Sasha spent the day with her friends, Anya and I played at the festival

Skating around town


Out to the boardwalk


Viewing more of the art 

Hey!  That's my friend's name 


This years sand sculpting was OK

I'm kinda tired of everybody doing these designs


I like the fancy castles the best.  Like this one. 

These are great, but not castley enough


We'll check back in a few years and see if the trends have changed 

But this Greek sandwich and Anya's cheese fried could not have been better!

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