October 2018: Venom, Street Ski, Hurricane, New House Tour, Mystery Science Theatre Live, Office Party 90's Theme, Neptune Festival Art Shows, Halloween

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Displaying Sasha's art and Sasha getting cozy in her new chair


Anya at the movies


Skating the boardwalk


Boardwalk skiing

We started a new fad at the oceanfront! 





Ice Cream for X-Treme Innovators


Work birthday, some Anya art on my desk at work and a caramel apple gelato 

The Hurricane of 2018


The next day

Sticks and leaves 


This tiny can was the worst of the debris

Lotsa leaves

Sasha first High School homecoming


Having Michelle and friends over to see the new house

Family room and kitchen

Dining room and living room

Living room and Foyer

Living room from foyer

Foyer to stairs

stairs to Sasha's room

Sasha's giant room

Down the hall to the office

Anya's room

Anya's room and office

Office and master bedroom

Master bedroom

56565 on the Toyota Corolla

Halloween decoration at work and a goodbye lunch for a friend at work

Mystery Science Theater Live!

30th anniversary show with Joel and Jonah

Sasha in the balcony

Shots during the show

Hurricane damage on the trails at work


basically just branches

Anya ready for Safety Patrol

Suddenly Sasha was Seymour

standing beside her Audrey II

Anya as Umaru (Anime


The real Umaru

Halloween party at Megan's house

Donut eating contest



Holly as Courtney Love

Kurt and Courtney

Mummy game

Kurt enters the donut contest

Celebrity couple

Mummy game continues


At the farmers market collecting pumpkins

Anya and Alan in the pumpkin patch


Mini pumpkins!

Anya wanted to decorate the house for Halloween


Alan at a work meeting


The food at the meeting

craft games at the meeting

More food and snax


the finished crafts and a potato?


90's themed Happy Hour


Hip hop in the hood

Katie birthday


Posing with some of the crew and bringing home leftover caprese skewers

My Adidas!


Breakfast the next day


Alan and Robin / Groves vs Seaholm

flannel folk

Wayne & Garth dudes!


Kurt Cobain and his mobile app development team


Anya winning an award at school

Sitting with mommy

Compassion Award


Feeding the neighborhood geese and ducks


A random fall day at trashmore 


kite flying


time to carve the pumpkins!


lots of carving space in the new garage 

the final product

Ceramic and art exhibition at Sasha's school





Grandma & Grandpa Fisher visit!

and bring gifts from New York City

Trick or treating! 


a very cool ms pacman costume

this new neighborhood is amazing for trick or treating

quite a haul

quite a haul indeed

Holly catches the Frisbee at the school picnic


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