May 2018:  Lantern Asia at Botanical Gardens, Cosplay at Alan's work, Beach Scooting, Comicon 2018, New Bike for Anya, Williams Farm Skatepark & Peter Pan at Sasha's School

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At the Norfolk Botanical Gardens


First, Holly finds her special room


Chinese Acrobats and other performers


Plate Spinning

Video Clip

Vase kicking

Ribbon and Yo-Yo twirling

Holly and Anya at the Zodiac

Bonsai Trees


In addition to her own private room, Holly also has this plant named after her

Twilight in the garden of good and evil

Waiting for the sun to set

Now we can get started!

Sasha and Alan find their signs

Waiting for the crowd to thin out

Holly finds hers


Finding our favorite Chibis

Nobody's favorite

A huge installation

More Chibis

A raccoon comes to check out the show

Several of the presentations change colors every few seconds

like this whale

this city is made of plates and saucers

Sasha on a night bridge


The Fly Trap


Tea and Flowers




More fish and a super huge dragon




A really huge pheasant

More birds then Pandas

Teeter Tottering Pandas

Swinging on rainbows

Children with their parade dragons

Sasha kisses a frog and Anya gets attacked by moths

Running from the flowers


Alan and Anya


Alan & Holly

Anya gets attacked by a deer

Then trampled

Blue Birds of Friendliness

Elk and Peacocks

Another cool bridge and a chameleon


War dogs


Under the sea

...and Butterflies

The many moods...

... of this...



Flower Power!

Gage and Anya - 4th Grade pals

Alan's Cosplay as Varys from Game of Thrones for a theme meeting at work


Cocktail party and lunch

Gary as Little Finger, Noel and Danerys and Alan with Tyrion


George RR Martin and The Original Deep Pocket Hustlers team

Sitting on the Iron Throne and having drinks after the meetings ended on the hotel roof


Our Team logo and a plumber we will never hire

A spring walk on the trails behind my office

Derby Days Happy Hour


A day at the races with race days snacks

While Sasha is at a sleepover, Anya, Holly and Alan go out for a super fancy dinner

At a swanky seafood restaurant down at the oceanfront

Then some twilight scooting on the boardwalk

Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2

Video Clip 3


Even Alan gets in some scoot time

Comicon 2018


Guardians and misc cosplayers


Anya immediately solves the Thanos Infinity Stone Challenge

And gets rewarded with a poster


and a seat in Thanos' throne.  Then hanging with Hela

Meeting Dr. Crusher and then a lovely Klingon

Giant Lego The Tick, Galactus and Wall-e

Gotta Get Back to the Future!


Neegan & Lara Croft.  A Cute Little Battle Droid

Lt. Commander Data and then Anya with One Punch Man


My Little Pony Girls


Anya winning a poster from the guy who runs comicon


Arrow and Green Arrow, Mami Tomoe fro  Madoka Magica

Corpse Bride & Ballora from Five Nights at Freddy's

Wall-e again, Loki and a Cuphead Girl

A summer Winter Soldier and The Mad Max crew

Mars Attacks and Scott Pilgrim

Our favorite father-daughter Jedi, Fallout and Rose Tico from The Last Jedi

Anya showing off some Comicon swag and eating cotton candy for dinner at Golden Corral


Mother's Day at the Thai restaurant

Holly's gift this year was a super-posh spa massage at The Cavalier and a nice breakfast



Driving over to the Williams Farm Skatepark


Sasha's new favorite skatepark

Video Clip

Yes, she likes it better than the skatepark at Mt Trashmore


Cuz this one has bowls

Video Clip

and smooth cement ramps


And the bee keeper at Williams Farm behind the skatepark!

After skate Krispy Kreme

Anya points out a prophetic cup lid on our way to see Solo

Anya showing off her playground monkey bar skills

Video Clip and another video clip






Moments after showing me that she had taught herself how to ride a bike

We ran out and got Anya a sweet new bike


Here she is showing off in front of the house


An afternoon ride to the snoball shop!


The Playbill and rehearsal for Peter Pan

Sasha's 2 mentions in the program


Heading out to see Sasha in the big school play

Preview Video


The fairies of Neverland


Michael and John play pirates

Wendy tells of Peter Pan

Father gets mad

Pan arrives in the nursery

We can fly!

All the fairies

Fairy Prance

Pirate dance

Megan and Mika

Hook (Austin) and Alley


Lost Boys

Pan and Wendy spy on Mermaid Lagoon

The Mermaids (Sasha!) sing their siren songs

Hook enters Mermaid Lagoon

Tigerlilly Kidnapped

Tigerlilly and the braves

The Indians plot their next move

Wendy sings to the Lost Boys

Pirate songs and Tink trapped

Pirates vs Pan

The final scenes of the show

Mermaid curtain call

View from the cheap seats

Close up to see Sasha in the crowd

Curtain call from the balcony on the first night


First night after the show

A photo with our Little Mermaid, Sasha and her play pals

The Croc, Hook and the kids

Close up to see Sasha in the curtain call


View of the curtain call for our second night show

Sasha and Holly, Pan & Hook

After play cast party at Buffalo Wild Wings

First Beach Day of Summer 2018

Picnic then floating

This is hard to see, but it's the outline of a square cloud?

Watermelon Summer!


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