June 2018: Waltzing Anya, IHOB, Fathers Day Fun, Old House for Sale, New House, Alan at "Work"

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Anya at her final dance recital

Dance Video 1

Dance Video 2

1, 1....2, 1, 1....2

Dance Video 3

Dance Video 4

The Waltz

Dance Video 5

Dance Video 6

Trying out this new Burger joint

During that brief moment in time when IHOP decided to become IHOB


Sasha kindling away the final days at the old townhouse

Father s Day movie

and presents!

Sasha, jealous that Anya learned how to ride a bike first, teaches herself quickly and gets a cool bike of her own

Bike ride down to the farmers market for iced creams

Townhouse for sale!

No Alan....  Don't !!!

Found our new house on the first day of looking!

Home inspectors doing their thing

Some shots of the new backyard

Back tree and shed


Sasha on her way to her final Middle School dance


So long 8th grade, next up...  High School


My contribution to the potluck at work


Gave my new team at work Tshirts

Playing some backyard games after the luncheon

Frisbee or something

and beach ball 4 square

It's time for RiffTrax

Space Mutiny.  Super funny.

Anya has won a lot of minigolf certificates in her day

So many that we rarely even get a chance to use them all

but this time we did!

It was her last one from her old school


and it was a fun day!

And then Fathers Day lunch at Hot Tuna!

This meal was so good I never wanted to stop eating it!

A few of us at work were asked to model for some "professional working" photos for Anthem

Some of my fellow models, Christy snapping a selfie with my phone, me "acting"  like I'm working.

Some direction...  "Act like you know what you are doing"   Is this lighting good?

Pretending to do more "business"

Directors in the editing bay


Duck swarm at Mt. Trashmore



One last swing at the neighborhood park.  Goodbye Purple Park!


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