July 2018: Norfolk Crew, Anya Birthday, 4th of July, Last time doing things at Old House, Moving to the new house, Sasha Birthday

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Sasha and her friends in Norfolk

At their favorite bageldashery

Wandering the secret pagoda garden

Finding the pagoda

Pagoda pals!


Anya dreams big


New roof on the townhouse before the sale


Looks pretty nice with the new shutters and my landscaping

Birthday at the GoKart speedway


Anya is Hell on wheels

Track cam

Kartcam 1

Kartcam 2

Family of wacky racers

Kartcam 3

Kartcam 4


Anya's annual bumper boat regatta

Bumping her way to the top!

A new family tradition


Skycoaster 1

Skycoaster 2


Getting hauled up for Anya's first flight

Skycoaster 3

Skycoaster 4


Skycoaster 5

Skycoaster 6


Coming in for a landing


We survived the skycoaster!


Trail biking at First Landing (My ankles got bit by like 100 horseflies!)

Bike video 1

Bike video 2

Bike video 3


Last family bike ride in the old neighborhood.  Sno-balls


and cranes!

Last time we walked down to Kroger to see the Trashmore Fireworks

Anya opens birthday presents!


First up, a new labcoat

Dr. Professor Wiseman


Next up Umaru Chan costume

from the anime Himouto!


More presents and cupcakes!


Cards of Cash and Japanese school uniforms!


and silly string!


The grand finale....   Moto Scooter!

Silly battles

Last silly string fight in the old side yard


Umaru deep thoughts

Ben Hansen's retirement ceremony!

Hansen's off for new adventures in Michigan

Classic Femmes, the last snake we caught at the old house, Tooth pick Wolverine

Packing up the old house

Last time lounging in the old living room!

Empty townhouse

Goodbye Bedroom

Goodbye backyard

Goodbye Living room

Goodbye kitchen

One last tumble in their bedrooms

So long Northwood Ct


Truck loaded

Anya is ready to ride

We are officially homeless!

Hotel life

Killing time while homeless at the arcade


whipping balls at puppets

Chicken something and spinning giant wheels

Scooting the boardwalk

Finding neat stuff at the antique mall


Checking out the giant lego structures in Towncenter



Anya incognito at Walmart and Alan enjoys a charcuterie with pals at work


Sasha opens her birthday lamp (not pictured for some reason)


Fro yos!

New house!

Way to end the month!

Look what we got!

Sasha at the cat adoption place


Sasha wearing one of Holly's old Powerpuff shirts!

Anya turns the back patio into her roller rink

she can turn on the spotlights and skate all night!

The end of an exciting and exhausting July!


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