January 2018: Bomb Cyclone & Les Misérables

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The Great Blizzard of 2018!

The weather channels called it a "Bomb Cyclone!"

It resulted in an entire week off from school!

And it didn't melt for days!


We were literally trapped in our home for the first few days


View from The Beach

Here's me finally driving to work after several "work from home" days

Anya's trippy new bedroom light show

Video Clip

Jenga & Domino tumbling.  They all fall down.

Video Clip

A Sequel Blizzard after only 2 days back at school, shuts everything down again.

Sasha auditioning for the High School Academy Art Program (She was accepted!)

The Event.  Les Mis in Norfolk!!!


The least miserable family in Virginia this night!

Ready for the show!  Which was awesome!


We made our own Cockades!


Stalking the stage door


Super Fan Family

Orchestra and Ensemble

Meeting barricade boys

More barricade Boys & Girls

Jean Valjean and Madame Thénardier

Madame Thénardier was super nice and then came Éponine

Éponine !!!!!!!!

Cosette and Marius

Sasha was super stoked to meet Cosette!

All the Leads including Fantine & Javert  !!!

Even the orchestra conductor!


The end of a dream come true perfect evening!

Video Clip

Artsy shots of the trees in front of the theater

All the autographs!

Sasha and Megan at the Trampoline park

Video Clip

A flip into the foam

Video Clip and another Video Clip


Anya and her friend Gage at the movies

And a hug for Mommy

Here's a snack from Mardi Gras celebration at work and a diagram Sasha did at school where she documents her understanding of the family finances.



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