February 2018: Citizen of the Month, Star Trek Meeting, Black Panther, T-Shirt Day, Mount Trashmore Skate Park

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Anya wins citizen of the Month!

Award Video

Anya doing Tarot card readings for the cats.

Anya Weirdo Dance Video

The cats after hearing about their future.  A drawing by Sasha.

Anya has started ballroom dancing lessons!  No pics but here's some clips!

Anya Dance Lessons: Video 1

Anya Dance Lessons: Video 2

Anya Dance Lessons: Video 3

Here's Alan in his Jean Luc Picard Star Trek Cosplay and my inspiration for comparison.

We had a Star Trek / Star Wars themed series of meetings at work.  Here's all the cosplayers.

At the cocktail party.

Cool refreshments and hors d'oeuvre appetizers

And deserts!

Pics with some of the crew!

And a few more too!

Black Panther Day with Megan!


A pic of my Merovingian tie knot at work.  Also a pic for Lord of the Rings fans "Not idly do the leaves of Lórien fall"

 Some tiny caramel grapes that I made for a party at work


Uncle Beans sends a Mad Engine box of cool shirts and hoodies!


Anya scored some really cool stuff!


So did Sasha



Ren & Stimpy, nice!   Adventure Time!

Sasha stole my NASA shirt!  No Fair!


There's something happening here...  What it is... ain't exactly clear


There's some men with some swords over there...  Knights Video

Anya Playground  Video 1

Anya Playground Video 2


We were just gonna play at the park, but Anya decided today was the day to try the skate park for the first time!

She was awesome! 

Anya First Time Skate Park: Video 1

Anya First Time Skate Park: Video 2

Anya First Time Skate Park: Video 3

Sasha gets an assignment to make a tri-fold for a children's book and as always takes it to the nth degree.

It was also selected to be displayed at Bayside Elementary School!

Sasha at the school chorus performance


Lots of video clips from the performance.

Sasha Chorus:  Video 1

Sasha Chorus:  Video 2

Sasha Chorus:  Audio Only 1

Sasha Chorus:  Audio Only 2

Sasha Chorus:  Audio Only 3

Anya goofing at the park.


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