August 2018: Anya's Room, Office fair, Sasha's Room, Beach Day, Sasha's Birthday Sleepover, Water Park

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Moving into the new house.  First up... Anya's room!

This was configuration 1 of Anya's room


 It was later deemed too cluttered and everything was removed from this wall

Sasha's room was just a staging area at this point 

4th of July party at work


Free bombpops

Cotton Candy

 and popcorn.  Yes.  I got all the treats!

Anya summits the tree in her new yard 

Sasha's room get's completed 

The Media Library 

View from the Media end of her room back toward the bedroom side of the suite 

Gigantic shark movie and then off to the beach!


Video Clip

Daddy.  Daddy?  Daddy!

Stop taking pics and come rescue me!

(People on the beach actually were seconds away from rescuing her, I eventually noticed their concern and swam out to retrieved her.


Anya snuggling with Professor Cupcake and in a drawing by Sasha, snuggling with Godzilla. 

Random meme of a terrible Brat Simpson cake that Sasha, perhaps ironically, said she wanted for her birthday.


So I made it for her 

And she and her friends loved it! 

Perhaps......   ironically? 

We have to do "something" before the summer is over 

All we did this year was move

So before it all ends, we will check out the new waterpark

Just over the border in North Carolina

Up on the lowest level, we prepare for our first slide 

Anya climbs 

and boldly saunters toward the Dropchute of Despair

3...2...1...  dropped (see video) Next up surfwave

Waterpark Video 1

Anya Flo Rida

She did pretty well.  Me, not so much.

Waterpark Video 2

Tubin on the Lazy River

Sasha being lazy

Anya being lazy

Being lazy under water

At the kidzone splash part of the park

Waterpark Video 3

Everybody into the Spin Cycle!

First Anya

Then Holly

One of the huge family size slides

Anya making her way up to 2nd level slides

And slowly working her way over an obstacle course

Waterpark Video 4

Probably not "survivor" material 

Waterpark Video 5

But she did make it to the end.  Then got voted out of the family.


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