April 2018: Trashmore Skatepark, Easter, Alan's Birthday, The End of Toys R Us, Haircuts!

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So Anya was on her way to becoming a regular at the Mt. Trashmore Skatepark

With her new membership card

Skate Video 1

And then they closed the skatepark and tore the whole thing down!

Skate Video 2

They are rebuilding a better one, but we were worried for a while

Skate Video 3

She had just worked up the courage to go down this super vert ramp!

Skate Video 4

The Easter Bunny left Alan some Peeps


Anya finds some of the first treats of the morning


More eggs found and then Sasha scores a basket!


Then Anya finds a basket too (Look at all those moving boxes in the background!)

2 Baskets found

Easter was also April Fools Day, and Anya (our favorite fooler) left these goofy notes for everyone to find

As well as her customary drawing of faces on everything in the refrigerator

Meanwhile Sasha inventories her baskets


The eating of the candy begins


Super creepy facial masks were one of the presents from the Bunny


In backwards fashion, later that day we dyed the eggs


Sparkle dye this year!


Waiting for the eggs to color


The best of the batch!

For Alan's Birthday this year we had several super Happy Fun Days!

It started with bowling


Both Holly and Anya beat me in the second game!????


  The crew at work went out with me for lunch Sushi!


Next up was Isle of Dogs, the new Wes Anderson movie at the Naro in Norfolk

We don't get the the Naro that often so that was fun!

Then we wrapped that day with a seafood feast at Captain Georges!

Presents for Alan!

Ready Player One Tee Shirt from Sasha


A custom mug made by Anya


My birthday cards and my new mug on my desk at work!

This was a little snail that Anya carried around one day

Here we our on our final visit to Toys R Us!

Toys R Us Video

It seems surreal that there will no longer be a Toys R Us  ???!!!

They all float behind this door at the Doctor's office.

I don't have any photos of this for some reason, but here's some video of Anya at her dance class.

Anya Dance Class Video 1

Anya Dance Class Video 2

Anya Dance Class Video 3

Here's some tiny pancakes I made for a breakfast party at work


Everybody loved the little serving pans.

After they closed Trashmore for rebuild, we had to move to a new skatepark for the summer.  Luckily there are several in town.

Skate Video 5

Skate Video 6

Skate Video 7

This one is even better than Trashmore!  It has awesome bowls and pools as well as ramps and a freestyle park!

Skate Video 8

Skate Video 9

Skate Video 10


The girls were VERY upset after seeing Avengers Infinity War.  This was taken right after the show ended (Anya was still crying.)

New haircut day!

Some artsy shots of Sasha and Anya


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