September 2017: First Day of School, Holly goes to Seattle, Tanoshii Cakes, Portsmouth Museum, Escape Room

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First Day of School 2017

Anya is ready for class!

Some nice clear shots of the moon


New haircuts and a nap


Holly departs for her trip to Seattle

Anya goofing off Matrix-Style at the Movies

Breakfast with Mom & Dad in Seattle

The Mountains of Seattle

Holly's visit to Twin Peaks!


At the Snoqualmie Falls.  Video Clip: Falls


Inside the Twin Peaks Salish Lodge !

Snoqualmie River.

The quintessential Pacific Northwest experience

In 1988 the building was completely remodeled and reopened as the Salish Lodge. It is now proudly owned by the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe.
Out-of-towners may recognize the Salish as the setting for Twin Peaks, the David Lynch TV series. 


Shops of the town

Seattle Skyline

Harbor Cruise views

Cruising with Aunt Mary


Grandpa would probably like to cruise town in this Morgan Aero 3 Wheeler


Grandpa is not impressed with the buskers in this part of town.  Video Clip: Band

Lots of views from the Seattle Sound



Good Bye Seattle!

  How to kill about 17 minutes on a rainy weekend day

Japanese frosting fun kits

Make tiny Tanoshii Cakes

AKAL Tiny ice cream cones filled with bad tasting frosting


More fun to make than to eat


We would learn this at the end

But at this point in the day it was fun!

You got to mix all the frosting packets together

Like a science experiment


Thy do look cute!

One of our local theater troupes did Jesus Christ Superstar!

Lots of donuts at work today!

Free Museum day

So Anya and I hit up the Portsmouth Children's Museum


The science of motion.  Video Clip: Science

Some physics, weather and nature!


And of course bubbles

The science of being inside a bubble


I noticed later, that this x-Ray in the Dr. Office exhibit, looks exactly like the x-ray of the repair they did on my ankle a few years ago.  Is this me on the wall at the museum?

Smoothies and then a trip across the harbor


Ferry ride to Norfolk and back


The funeral for Hugh.  Anya's Bamboo plant.  Hugh Bamboo 2017-2017.

Food and fun at one of my meetings at work


We work hard then we eat huge!


My favorite meal at The Yardhouse


My team did an Escape Room


We successfully escaped, with no fatalities

Take that Jigsaw!

This drink I had at Tupelo Honey Cafe was called The Violet Beauregarde


Family Game Day!


Professor Cupcake:  Cat in the Cradle

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