October 2017: The Book of Mormon Experience, Mini Pumpkins, Putt Putt Golf, School Chorus, More Pumpkins, Alan's Golf Pals, Halloween

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Book of Mormon night

We were soooo excited

The first time it came to town it was way too expensive

Plus this time happened to coincide with the kids obsession with musicals!




The view from the cheap seats


We were in the second to last row of the balcony.  It was a great show!  Then after, many amazing things happened...

We were told several times before and after the show that the cast did not come out to meet the audience.  But after the performance Sasha was desperate to meet them.  After we asked many ushers, we were eventually guided over toward a side door near the backstage exit where "we might catch a few cast members on the way out."
Nobody else was out there.  It was just me and Sasha.

Luckily, we met and got autographs from 4 of the ensemble guys...
Then a guard waved us inside the security perimeter and said he would guide anybody else who came out over toward us!
Thats how we met two of the leads CONNER PEIRSON (ELDER CUNNINGHAM) and PJ ADZIMA (ELDER MCKINLEY) !!!!!

Then it went to a crazy next level of awesomeness!  As we waited to see if anyone else came out (they didn't, we had missed them)
The Wardrobe Supervisor walked past us.  Then turned around and said "Come with me.  I'm going to make your night!"

She walked us past security, saying "They're with me" and then gave us a private backstage tour of the whole production!

We got to see everything!  Sets, costumes, lights, effects...Sasha even got to touch some of the cooler costumes!

Here's her autographed program. 

Outlaws breaking the rules at the Snow Cone Shop

During the tour, Gerbie mentioned that they had a lottery before every show where 20 people could get seats right in front for $25.
So 2 days later, Sasha and I decided to try our luck.  Our names were chosen first and we got 2 Front row center seats!
We saw Gerbie again and gave her a thank you note Sasha had written and some fan notes for some of her favorite cast members.


Then we made our way in to see the show again!


Here's our front row tickets

And a much different experience of watching the show!


And now that we knew where to go after the show...  We met the whole cast! 


And a program with LOTS more autographs!

Anya decorated this first mini pumpkin for me for a contest at work.  This black one won.


And a few of these others

They were pretty good

Some had a lot of props

I like how simple this one was, it would have been friends with Anya's pumpkin!

Gold Key Resorts had a putt putt golf fund raiser

So we took the afternoon off for putting

As we played we decided we needed to play some real golf soon!

Sasha singing with the school choir and symphony orchestra

Video Clips:

The Lion King: Circle of Life 1

The Lion King: Circle of Life 2

The Lion King: Circle of Life 3

The Lion King: Just Can't Wait to be King

The Lion King: Hakunamatata

The Beatles: Ticket to Ride

The Beatles: Pennylane


Anya was super stoked about this film Geostorm.  She LOVES natural disaster movies.


and curly cheese fries!


Sasha was assistant director for the fall play.  Here she is with the teacher/director manning the lights and sound board during the show!

We got a seat right in front of her so we could watch her work during the show.


Anya is my pumpkin Padawan

She's been very excited since I handed over the knives to her last year


Here's our creations for this year


Alexander Hamil-pumpkin and Anya's Derpy Night!


This year the costumes were Hogwarts kids from Harry Potter


Sasha was a House Hufflepuff


Anya was House Slytherin

Here she is casting spells she learned in her dark arts class

While the kids were at school on Halloween we had our golf day!


Two of the Mikes I know at work, Mike B


He has a nice swing


This was Mike A's first time golfing ever!

Mike B makes the putt!

Mike A became obsessed and now golf is all he thinks about!

Trick or treating!

I probably should not have golfed 18 holes the same day

The walking was rough (LOL)


For the first year ever the neighborhood Halloween house did not participate!  But other houses like these made up for it!


There were some good ones.  This neighborhood goes all out!

Anya gathered a huge haul this year

During the last block people were just dumping everything left in the bowl into her bag!

Anya is a master Trick-or-treater!


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