November 2017: Golf!  Thanksgiving with Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman, Yorktown, School Art, The Parchman Hour, Sasha & Megan, Date Night, School Pics

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After our first golf outing last month, we decided to get in some range time.

Did it help?


It did not. 

Here's a video of my swing: Golf!

And Mike broke his new driver.  So hopefully 2018 will be the year we go pro!

Grandma & Anya gathered a nice seasonal diorama

Plating our Thanksgiving dinner

A celebration of side dishes

smothered in gravy


Both perspectives of the family dinner


Sasha had some pie with her whip cream


We had plans to tour around the museums and battlefields of Yorktown

This was the official National Park at the battlefield

As Hamilton fans, Lafayette always catches our eye

The kids stowing away on a ship replica

Yorktown's historic earthworks provide tangible evidence of one of the most significant events in American history

Sasha's goal was to stick her face in all cannon

After the Siege of 1781, General Washington ordered the allied siege lines destroyed, so they could not be turned against French troops that occupied the town that winter.

After the Revolution, some of Yorktown's citizens were unsuccessful in securing Congressional funds to demolish the British earthworks.

She got her whole head in this one!

Erosion and visitor overuse are constant threats to both original and reconstructed earthworks.  Here's Sasha and Anya contributing to the erosion.

Sasha tree-hugging

Slacker Patriot


Learning and growing with Grandma


Walking on sunshine!  Whoa!


Sister moment


The Moore House is full of Yorktown VA history with the surrender of Cornwallis to George Washington in the American Revolutionary War, and is haunted!


A knotty tree, also probably haunted.


Sasha inspects the field of surrender

Sasha found this bat while trying to figure out how she could jump this wall to stick her head in all these cannon.

Lunch at the famous Yorktown Pub

Sitting by the less-famous Yorktown fountain

Sasha stands with Washington

Grandma accuses the founding fathers

Anya loves Lafayette

Another great visit!


Sasha with her still life drawings

and a bonnet she made of corrugated cardboard

A self portrait

The other wunderkinds of ODC

Everyone is crazy talented


Even Anya got some doodling done!


Alan's office pals.  Jose says goodbye.  Marci birthday lunch.

We had a soup-er potluck.  Here's my contribution.

Lots of yummy deserts too!

Here's a free lunch shrimp tacos and Guac Nachos I got in the cafe at work because they overcooked my little pizza the day before

We went to see The Parchman Hour in downtown Norfolk

Songs and Stories of the 61 Freedom Riders.  Journey through the Deep South with the pioneers who fought discrimination and paved the way for the future.
Adapted from real life accounts of the 1961 Freedom Rides, this play shares these struggles through music that ranges from Bob Dylan to spirituals.

Anya and Megan had a fun day that started with Crepes!

Then coffee

Then walking on fallen trees over an inlet

and posing with flower bushes

Never too big to teeter totter:  Video

Anya was woken up on a Thursday school night to sneak out the the preview screening of Justice League!  


Holly & Alan date night down at the Ocean Front

We won this free hotel stay at a bowling tournament I was in back in the spring


The hotel balconies of Virginia Beach are what made us move here!


Hurray for The Ocean!

And hurray for my Lemon Drop Martini


The happy couple!

...and their yummy dinners!

Walking the boardwalk with the Christmas lights


Sunrise the next morning

and then many hours later when we actually woke up


2017 Fall School Pictures!



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