May 2017: Strawberry Picking, Free Comic Day, Tidewater Comicon, Mother's Day, Grandma & Grandpa Fisher Visit, Goodbye Swingset, SLIME!

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At the beginning of May, I sent the children to work in the strawberry fields of Pungo

Sasha found a big one!


And Anya caught some too!

Anya strives for quantity while Sasha seeks only quality

Their buckets 1/2 full


Keep picking!

Sasha finds a weird one with a face.  Likely some GMO horror on the cusp of sentience.

Their baskets runneth over


Cinco de Mayo at work

Guac tasting and I destroyed the piņata (in an embarrassingly premature way)

Taco bars and punch bowls

Sasha had a small role in a play at the end of the year


The kids wrote and performed this show


That was her first big drama class experience!


Anya meets some of our heroes on National Comic Day!

All of these costumes are way too good!

And the free comics are always plentiful!

Sasha at an SOL Testing prep study session

These are called cloud eggs.  They were kind of neat and fun to eat.

2017 Comicon.  This was an "off year" for us with costumes, but Anya pulled the Mystery Science Theater costume out of the closet.  She was a big hit, especially with the remake.

Whos vs Daleks.  This Lady Spawn costume was amazing!

Orko from He-Man!  That was a cool costume.

Agents of Shield car, a fellow MSTie and R2

Some crazy star Wars lego ships and a army of Daleks

A storm trooper in the original package and some steampunk ghostbusters

David Lo Pan!  A crazy obscure costume!

Zoidberg, Little Clark Kent and a super scary Silent Hill nurse


This guy looked so much like Wolverine. Not much costume but he "nailed" it!

Skeletor!  More He-Man!

Thor and Ant Man, Jack Sparrow and Jesus!

The crowd watches as this guy walks in!  I think he's from the game Warhammer.

The costume won first place (for men).  Obviously. 

And this Gypsy Danger was 1st place for women!  Sooooooooo cool!

The rest of the category winners

Freebies for the crowd

A few more pics with Sailor Moon and Coraline


The kids favorite booth every year.  Like a Comicon Bath & Bodyworks.  Anya's chibi.

I had planned for us to see the new Waterside in Norfolk and walk through the Luminarium for Mothers Day

But Waterside was packed and the line for the Luminarium was like 3 hours long

So we just walked through

Wandered around Townpoint Park

The kids tumbled around the field

And I performed show tunes in the bandstand

We made our way over toward Nauticus

Anya played in the fountain

Eventually she stole somebody's wishes

Then over-wished their wishes with her own

Then we discovered something on the other side of Nauticus called The Cannonball trail

So we followed it

And found an amazing Asian garden and a giant pagoda resturant

Look at how pretty this place is!

Holly told us she would come here sometimes when she taught down at ODC

But I had no idea it was even here.  We'll have to add it to our list for tourists.

Mother's Day cards and dinner at PF Changs

Grandma & Grandpa Fisher arrive!  Guacamole for all!

Down at the boardwalk

Lunch at their hotel resturant


Sasha gets to play some Marvel vs Streetfighter

Alan and Dad head out to the Aviation Museum

It was a big festival weekend and all the old planes were landing and parking while we were there!

Dad checks out some models

Alan did not win this cool car and plane combo in the raffle

Video: Planes 1

Video: Planes 2

Walking out by the hangers

Here's a few Soviet planes

Indian motorcycles all over the place

The American Pickers guys would be stoked


Dad makes friends with a Ultra-Trump supporter

The family crashed out watching movies

I dragged everyone to the Greek Festival and then we saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2!

Back down at the oceanfront


There was a classic car show weekend

But we missed all the cars the day before!  Doh!

So instead of seeing cool cars we just took family photos


Holly and Alan contemplate Neptune

Early bird dinner at Captain Georges!


Everyone gets comfortable as they spend the next few hours watching Alan eat.

Sasha advises while Grandma Bejewels or something.

Sasha dressed like a Newsie one day for Spirit week (I think)


Some throwback shots from the old swingset

One last swing before we took it down.


Video: Swingset

Eating sno-balls to help us mourn the loss of the swingset

America sno-balls!

Slime time!

For months Anya has wanted to do this home-made slime experiment

The day finally comes.  Our first attempt failed.  But our second was slimer-ific!

Video: Slime 1

Video: Slime 2

Sasha watercoloring some backgrounds for a art project

Her drawing of the Hubble Space Telescope



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