Paradisus Day 8: The Beach, The Lagoon, Ocean Kayak, Art Contest Winner, Dinner at Mole (with grasshoppers!), Divas Show

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So we have adventured in the jungles

And toured the town

There is a beach here right?

Lets do it!

Walking the Beach at Paradisus

Anya and Alan explore a giant lagoon down on the point


Anya finds some sea life

And releases it back into the ocean

A look back from the point toward Paradisus

Anya surfs some driftwood

Video: Reef Beach 1

Video: Reef Beach 2

Making her way out onto a little reef

Video: Reef Beach 3

Video: Reef Beach 4

Video: Reef Beach 5

Sand doodles

Relaxing in the mangrove forest


Digging and carrying heavy rocks for no reason

Back at base camp


Holly's view from the beach lounges


Alan and Anya go ocean Kayaking

Anya takes the point position


Selfies of the Captain

Just paddling around


The Kayaks were included.  You just had to sign one out!


This duck or bird looking cloud

Beach life



Lunch back at the Sunset Grill


Sasha won the kids art contest with the drawing on the left



Dinner on this night was at Mole


Experience the authentic tastes and different versions of contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Note the traditional Guac includes grasshoppers

Some standard but yummy appetizers

But I go for the traditional



Video: Soup

Sasha loved the fancy food.  Our waiter this night was over the top nice.

He brought us this amazing dry ice desert!


The kids loved that


Video: Divas


And of course Leonardo had treats waiting for us when we got home.


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